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What is the only tool of the following list that is not based on statistics?

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What is the only tool of the following list that is not based on statistics?
Pareto Chart
Fishbone Diagram
Scatter Diagram
Control Chart

Which of the following has a weakness in that it does not tell whether the variation is the result of special causes or common causes?
Check sheet
Pareto Chart
Run Chart

Pareto charts do which of the following?
Focus a group, thereby reducing irrelevant discussion
Separate causes from symptoms and force the issue of data collection
Allow for the identification of common solutions for group development?
Help sort out what problems or causes of problems to pursue first?
Identify trends by charting data over a specified period of time?

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This posting gives response to the student's question. The only tool of the list that is not based on statistics is determined.

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Q-What is the only tool of the following list that is not based on statistics?

A - Fishbone ...

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