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The Learning Team Environment

Please read the following and answer: How do you incorporate that into the learning team environment when you're working with a different scope of individuals who look at prioritizing in a whole different way?

I don't think it's the workload. I believe students need to use time management skills and prioritize what needs to be done. What works for me is a list of assignments. On the list of activities that need to be completed, there is a need to rank the activities in order of priority so that the most important ones get done first. The list is to rank the activities on the list that need to be done. Then the list should be rewritten in order of priority. I try and use time management to put small and unimportant tasks and the bottom of the list so that I get to do the important tasks first and all tasks are completed in time. As you know, waiting until the last minute to do assignments adds stress. I have been in that situation before and try not to let that happen.

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Every learning team member has his own ideas of what his priorities are. The point of the learning team is to come together as a group and determine what those priorities are, and then distribute them to each team member with a specific time frame to get them accomplished. In order to incorporate the list of priorities within a diverse group you should look at the learning team charter and determine which group members have the skills to accomplish the tasks ...

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