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Quality Control: Importance

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Visit the websites on Quality Control (QC) listed at the bottom of this page. In addition, locate an article on the Internet or in the Library databases that describes an example of the use of statistics in Quality Control. In your post, briefly define Quality Control and explain its importance. Also, describe some of the most widely used tools in the industry for measuring and controlling quality, emphasizing their relationship to what you have encountered in this class. Finally, explain the example from your article of statistics as applied in a Quality Control context.


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The quality control process reviews and monitors the quality of all matters involved in production. The quality control process involves development and identification of records, the development of performance indicators, job management, employee skills, employee qualification, employee integrity, and organizational culture. The process is designed to ensure a minimum level of quality in a product or service. This includes inspection of and testing of products and results of services. From a different perspective, the quality control process identifies products and services that do not satisfy the company's standards of quality. The quality control process addresses every issue that impacts the quality of ...

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