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    Business Management Study Questions

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    1. Which of the following has a weakness in that it does not tell whether the variation is a result of special causes or common causes?

    a. Histogram
    b. Check Sheet
    c. Pareto Chart
    d. Run Chart
    e. Stratification

    2. Which information from the benchmarking process may have more value?

    a. Qualitative
    b. Quantitative
    c. Numerical
    d. Estimated
    e. Historical

    3. One thing that the implementation plan must provide for is:

    a. Short term focus
    b. Leadership delegation
    c. Vision statement
    d. Training
    e. Change in structure

    4. In total quality implementation:

    a. You should train all your employees at once
    b. You should put all your employees in teams right away
    c. You should delegate the implementation
    d. You should not implement before you are prepared
    e. You should get buy in from all employees before you proceed

    5. The traditional approach to implementation total quality management is long on?

    a. Leadership
    b. Bossmanship
    c. Commitment
    d. Training
    e. delegation

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