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Inquiring Minds want to Know--- Now: Case Study Analysis

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This should get you started on your answers. Many of the answers in the first question can provide a direction for you to answer the other questions. I include the IBM SPSS ad to provide information on its usefulness for this study.

Business Research Methods

1 Build the management-research question hierarchy.

Management research question hierarchy is a step process of solving a dilemma from management dilemma to management decision.
They have to include six steps.
Step 1 : Management Dilemma
What's the problem from the management include the current issue they are facing ?

"Penton Media, a publisher of such business magazines as Industry Week, Machine
Design, and Restaurant Hospitality, was experiencing a decline in use of
publication reader service cards.
Cards are used to track reader inquiries stimulated by advertising within
the magazine. "By 1998 there was a growing belief in many quarters that business
publication advertising was generating fewer leads than in the past," shares Ken
Long, director of Penton Research Services."

Step 2 : Management Questions
How can management fully capitalize on a opportunity ?
Management could take advantage of the availability of data that could be acquired over the last 12 months which could determine which of several advertising methods produce the most number of buyers.

Step 3 : Research Questions
what the reasonable actions are available for take the advantage on the opportunity ?
Management should increase the amount of advertising using methods that are used most often by buyers, as reflected in the answers to the research survey questionnaires.

This is reasonable because if more potential buyers are given motivation to use those methods, and if these methods are made easier to use by all subscribers, the likely result would be an increase of buyers.

Step 4 : Investigation Questions
What's important for manager to know about to choose the best alternative from the available course of actions? Specifically the manager should know what method is used by ...