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    Changing in Management Practice

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    Please critique the following article:
    Child, J., Pitkethly, R., & Faulkner, D. (1999). Changes in Management Practice and the Post‐Acquisition Performance Achieved by Direct Investors in the UK. British Journal of Management, 10(3), 185-198.

    Identify methodology, gap and key findings.

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    1. Please pay attention to your university's suggested citation style. This citation style should also tell you how to format your final paper, e.g. cover paper, headings format, etc.
    This is one of the most comprehensive studies I have seen on mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Child, Pitkethly and Faulkner studied the value added realized by the acquiring companies in after their acquisition strategies in 201 United Kingdom (UK) firms. Indirectly, the researchers confirmed that M&As is one of the preferred methods of companies in their expansion strategies (Child, Pitkethly, & Faulkner, 1999, p. 185). This is evidenced by the total 201 mergers and acquisitions made by United States, Japan, Germany and France-based companies of UK firms; however, this is the first time I have seen this justification - a desire of the acquiring companies to improve their bottom line - referred to as "social justification" (Child, Pitkethly, & Faulkner, 1999, p. 185). It is a bit puzzling since for-profit companies are primarily established to increase the wealth of its owners which is even referenced in the authors title - this "post-acquisition performance" is strived to be achieved as a result of the acquiring companies' goal of improving their financial ...

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