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Business Management

Components of Internal Analysis

Use "The Seven-S Framework" (listed below) to examine a firm with which you are familiar and address how the firm stacks up in respect to the "qualities of excellence" (listed below). Does alignment with this list help explain why the firm is currently successful or unsuccessful (use any metric you think is appropriate to judge

Organizations - Training and Needs Analysis

Hello, can someone help me with these questions? A short assessment please and thanks. 1. How would the training differ in a company that is primarily research and development compared to one that has a dominant product presence? How would it be similar? 2. What do you think are the most common concerns for organizations aft

The solution is for a two-part textbook question that discusses the good and bad of mixing business and pleasure; along with my writing skills can not be overlooked. Leaning on friends or family for a business decision may result in a positive outcome, or forever change the personal relationship. Writing is an essential skill that should never be overlooked. Each question is answered in over 200 words; the collective solution is about 450 words.

The textbook questions posed by the student were: 1. Never mix business with personal matters "it just leads to damaged relationships, poor business decisions, or both." In what ways might this be a fair statement? In what ways is it unwise advice? Provide examples to support your views. 2. A fellow student says, "So, I'm

Organizations and Web 2.0

1. How can organizations enhance cooperation using Web 2.0 applications? 2. How can companies manage their Enterprise 2.0 strategy and deal with potential pitfalls associated with Web 2.0? 3. Explain how organizations can enhance collaboration using Web 2.0 applications.

Compensation Case Study

Go to and select at least four jobs to analyze. Select at least three cities for each job. You can use the same three cities for all four jobs. Answer the following and show the salary data: 1. Which jobs are paid more or less? Is this what you would have expected? Why/why not? What factors could explain the diff

Leaders using Alignment

1. How can leaders use alignment to communicate effectively with key stakeholders? 2. How can you use alignment to increase effectiveness as a communicator?

12 Angry Men (1957) Negotiation Questions

Require about three pages per juror in the same outlined format not an essay format. Use APA format for in-text citations and references. Video available on YouTube Juror #8: Character played by Henry Fonda a) What was the primary premise of his negotiations approach? b) How di

Literature Review: Motivating People to Exercise includes bibliography,problem statement, conclusion and annotated bibliography. It is detailed and includes proper formatting.

A Literature Review is the first major portion of a research study paper. Frequently a review of the literature is a standalone paper, and it will be until it is incorporated into the final research paper. A review of the literature details what is known about a particular subject. There is a bias toward new information and

Business Discussion Questions

1. You are a busy partner in a legal firm and an experienced secretary complains of headaches, drowsiness, dry throat, and occasional spells of fatigue and flu. She tells you she believes that the air quality in the building is bad and would like something to be done. How would you respond? 2. What opportunities and potentia

Building a Business Around the Production Concept

Jobe Smith has decided to build his manufacturing business (lawn mowers in the U.S.) around the production concept. If this approach is taken, what will be Mr. Smith's primary areas of concentration as he builds his business? What issues might Mr. Smith face in deciding to go with this concept as he builds his business?

Estimate at Completion Problem

Note: I am an adult continuous learner. I started to learn EVM at work; however, I am hitting a wall with the EVM problems I am posting. Since I am a visual learner and learn by example, I need the following completed. 1) Provide and show all answers and step by step work to obtain the answer, not skipping any steps. Show a

Do the results justify the conclusions?

A few random results for you to the results justify the conclusions? Why or why not? Give a reason why the conclusions don't necessarily follow from the statement. 1. In the NFL, teams win more often when they score 13 points than when they score 14. Thus, scoring points is bad. 2.Often when people use regress

Personnel and Organization Policy

Scenario: You are currently employed by a national Auto Parts retail chain. You started out as a customer service representative and have moved your way up through the ranks to store manager. Recently your company has indicated that they wish to promote you to District Manager, however, they want you to find your replacement as

Forecast Methods and Calculations of MAD/MSE

Consider the data in the spreadsheet. 1. Use the three forecast methods: single moving average of period 3, single exponential smoothing with smoothing constant 0.5, and a third-order autoregressive model, to forecast the data for the next month. 2. For each of the three methods, calculate MAD and determine which is the b

Job Design & HR Planning

1) Would you be more or less attracted to an organization that used online recruiting only? Explain your answer. 2) How do you feel about being limited to "what's in the box" on a standardized application? 3) Are there any methods adapted for online screening? 4) What are the legal implications for using a standardized

Advantages and Disadvantages to Managed Care

This is a follow up question to the other question I asked you. But given that it requires more research I am posting it as a separate question for credit purposes. What do you consider the greatest advantage to the managed care provider network relationship? What are the disadvantages? Citations and references please.

Management accounting of cost driver rates and cost estimates

Speedy Printers has contracts to complete weekly supplements required by forty-six customers. For the year 2012, support cost estimates total $840,000 for an annual production capacity of 12 million pages. (round to 4 decimal places). For 2012 Speedy Printers has decided to evaluate the use of additional cost pools. After ana

Long Term Care and the behavioral health considerations wrapped up in long term care and how the operations, management, and structural changes of the 1990`s and 2000`s have impacted disease management in relationship to primary, secondary, and long-term care today. It also discusses the present demographic changes taking place in the older population in the long-term care system.

Explain the behavioral health considerations wrapped up in long term care? How have the operations, management, and structural changes of the 1990`s and 2000`s impacted disease management in relationship to primary, secondary, and long-term care today? What are the present demographic changes taking place in the older populatio

Reasons for an Organization's Existence

- State the primary reasons for the organization's existence from an analysis of the mission, vision, values, and goals. - Analyze the reason for the type of organizational structure employed by the organization, and identify the key positions that support that organizational structure.

Company Benefits Package

In principle, health insurance would be most attractive to employees with large medical expenses, and retirement benefits would be most attractive to older employees. What else might a company include in its benefits package to appeal to young, healthy employees? How might the company structure its benefits so these employees


Have you ever heard of the term DISINTERMEDIATION? This means to flatten an organization - remove layers of conducting business. It is caused by the internet. A product or service offered over the internet can now be distributed from the manufacturer directly to the consumer - eliminating the MIDDLE MAN. By eliminating the m

Performance-based budgeting process

1. Describe the three distinct phases of the PPBS process and the specific product each phase produces. What do you think are the primary issues your service will address in its POM (i.e. manpower, new weapons, etc.)? Bring in some support on your service's priorities. 2. Describe the Authorization Process in Congress. Discus

Resumes and Employment Documents

Please copy and paste the link to see the article: After reading the linked, brief article on resume design for Purdue University, please see: and considering materials Building Careers and Writing Resumes, respond to the discu

Auditing and Forecasting

"Auditing for accuracy is extremely important." Does this statement apply to business forecasting? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of data auditing? How would these advantages and disadvantages affect stakeholders in the organization?

Social and Cultural Facotrs on Consumers Purchasing Red Bull

1) Describe and discuss the cultural factors that have the most influence on consumers purchasing your product/service? (Red Bull) 2) Describe and discuss the social factors that have the most influence on consumers purchasing your product/service? (Red Bull) Creditable references required.