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    Critiquing Videos In Strategic Management

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    Critique the following five videos. Critiques should include developmental feedback (strong points of the presentation and aspects that may be improved - both in terms of content and presentation style/skills... When suggesting improvements, it is important to provide suggestions as to how an improvement might be made!) A review of the content is not necessary unless it is pertinent to the critique.
    1. http://voicethread.com/share/4314275/
    2. https://voicethread.com/share/4258571/
    3. https://voicethread.com/#q.b4269279.i0.k0
    4. https://voicethread.com/#q.b4278799.i0.k0
    5. http://voicethread.com/?#u2413683.b4225676.i21578175

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    1. http://voicethread.com/share/4314275/

    Steve Jobs

    The presenter comprehensively summarized the article. Including information about the paper used and pictures included in the magazine helped the audience visualize the article better and was an effective tool. I didn't like that he referred to Steve Jobs simply as "Steve." I doubt the presenter and Mr. Jobs were friends and this breach seemed too informal for the presentation.

    The slides of this presentation were creative, as appropriate for a presentation on Steve Jobs. The slides were easy to read, well laid out and clean. The presenter was clear and well rehearsed. Grading Steve Jobs on the strategic leader characteristics was an effective tool. It was also clever to break down the review on Steve Job's from the earlier years to his later years at Apple.

    This presentation was extremely thorough and did a good job of tying our textbook lessons with the article to give support to terms learned in class. The presentation covered a broad amount of information but was effective in drawing out the key points in a concise manner with examples. In the conclusion the presenter points out "Steve Jobs was extremely difficult to deal with" yet this information was not discussed earlier. It is better to avoid introducing new information in the conclusion. Great use of references and excellent presentation overall.

    2. httpsn://voicethread.com/share/4258571/
    PepsiCo's East European Snack Attack
    The presenter started by showing the audience an outline, but the screen was difficult to read based on the font size and small amount of time given. This tool could have been more effective by putting less words on the slide and having the presenter briefly outline verbally what he ...

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    This solution critiques five videos based upon developmental feedback, content and presentation style. Video links are included.