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    Strategic Management

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    Case Analysis on MTV's New Reality Show.

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    Even though MTV has a large audience, advertisers depend on MTV for reaching the 18-34 year old audience, and new digital innovations have been introduced, the ratings of MTV have stagnated and the company is unsure of forming its digital and global strategies.
    An Analysis of Issues
    MTV external environment consists of other music channels both global and local that vie for a share of the 18-34 years attention. The strongest competitors are however, internet based YouTube and social networking sites.
    The government and court decisions have to an extent made simple the downloading of music, swapping music and sharing music on social networking sites. This has drawn 18-34 age groups to internet based sites. Further, the increased earnings of the target market of MTV has encouraged downloading of the exact music videos that the young want to watch. They also swap music videos. The social attitudes towards the swapping of music videos has changed and downloading music videos or sharing them is the in-thing for the target age group. Finally, internet based technology has improved to such an extent that YouTube and social networking sites have become easy to use and enables quick ...

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