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    Earmark Grants

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    When it's Budget Season Nonprofit Financial Management Issues can be found in the debates happening locally and nationally. One of the big debates in recent years in Washington D.C. was around the issue of Earmark Grants. Earmarks were eliminated in the 2011 budget and with all the discussion around the debt ceiling, etc, it does appear that earmarks will not be part of the budget anytime soon costing many NPO's some much needed resources.

    One of the main issues brought forth by Senator McCain in the 2008 Presidential campaign was about earmarks, or as he and some other folk call it, pork-barrel spending. He had said that he would've vetoed every earmark item that came across his desk if elected President of the United States.

    President Obama did not make this a campaign issue and instead said that earmark funding and grants provide much needed and valuable services to many Americans. As President, he would ensure that these dollars go to the critical services that many people need. He has since changed his tune and supported a 2-year ban on earmarks.

    1. Does your organization receive or has ever received earmark grants?
    2. Should earmarks be totally abolished as suggested by Senator McCain or should they continue and be examined to ensure they go to services for people as originally suggested by President Obama?
    3. What do you think about earmark funding and appropriations and why?

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    1. Does your organization receive or has ever received earmark grants?

    I don't know what organization you currently work for so I will answer this based on my own experiences. No, I have never worked for an organization that has received earmarked funds. I have always worked for for-profit organizations that are not eligible for these types of ...

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