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    Comparing and Contrasting Writer's Style and Tone

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    Compare and contrast the following two sentences, taking into consideration the writer's style and tone:

    Regarding the prices of our products, respondents to our recent survey were negative. One third of them stated that if they could buy from another supplier, they would.

    Clearly we are making enemies with our high prices. Many customers can't stand it. An astonishing one third of the respondents to our recent survey would leave us if they could only find another supplier.

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    Individuals that are in leadership positions must be able to communicate their message in a tone that is widely accepted by their audience. Regardless of the industry, leaders must be careful to not let emotion be an over tone of their message as each employee is different in how they receive the message. Below we'll compare and contrast the writer's style and ...

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    The following 230 word solution involves a comparison of two different writing styles as well as an explanation of the importance of style and tone for a leader to convey a message.