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The Importance of Being Beautiful by Sidney Katz

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I analyze Sidney Katz's language, tone, and purpose to show what do words imply/connote. I also show the word's influence on a reader, is there enough support at all levels, is it believable or suspicious, related to the main idea?

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This job reacts to The Importance of Being Beautiful by Sidney Katz.

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The question asks:

1) In the scanned article "The Importance of Being Beautiful," you need to analyze:
a) its language;
b) the writer's tone;
c) the writer's purpose;
d) what the words imply/connote;
e) what the word's influence are on a reader;
f) whether there is enough support at all levels;
g) whether it is believable or suspicious;
h) and whether it is related to the main idea.

2) This above points should be determined logically, not emotionally.

In academia, an analytical task generally takes on one of two forms: the first is an analytical overview of much of the available scholarship surrounding an article (or a topic); the second is the logical response an individual (i.e. the audience) has to the article (or a topic). You are dealing with the second situation; therefore, YOUR IMPRESSIONS as a reader will guide you through your analysis. Your analysis will remain LOGICAL as long as you SUPPORT your position(s) with elements and examples from the text.
Your first task is to answer "e" from the above list: What IMPACT DID this text have on YOU? From this initial assessment, you will begin to build your case.
Armed with YOUR opinion, ...

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