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    A Discussion On Organization Design

    1. How much do you think it is possible for an outsider to discern about the underlying cultural values of an organization by analyzing symbols, ceremonies, dress, or other observable aspects of culture, compared to an insider with several years of work experience? Select a percentage (e.g., 10%, 70%) and discuss your reasoning.

    Letter Sample - Requesting a Community Figure to Give a Lecture

    The scenario for the basis of this letter is: Write a proposal letter to a respected community figure asking him to deliver a lecture and dinner speech at an annual festival. The sample letter provided is about three paragraphs, including a brief summary of the Boys & Girls Club as the sample organization with the annual fes

    Network activity chart

    Develop the network activity chart and identify the critical path for a project based on the information provided below: Activity.......Expected Duration (days).......Predecessor A...............................5....................................---- B..............................10....................................A

    Policy Analyst Skills

    What skills should a policy analyst use when developing documents to communicate a policy recommendation? How do these skills differ from the skills used to analyze the program? Why might they be more effective?

    Code and Cross-Reference Letters

    Code and Cross-Reference Letters: Paper records, such as letters, must be indexed and coded properly before filing. A cross-reference should be prepared when a record may be requested under a different name than the one it is filed under. Practice coding letters and preparing cross-reference sheets in this activity. 1. Op

    Service and Product Design

    The manager wants the production department to be aware of the differences between service and product design when designing and producing the new running shoe. Department members are confused as to how they can design the product with service as a key factor. Complete the following: - Write a memo to the production departmen

    Organizing An Interactive Presentation, including a design template

    I have been asked to present at a professional organization's meeting and the topic requested was "Twin Technologies-Low-Tech and High-Tech Job Aides" and I am trying to create one version that is interactive for a live audience. Please advise me on how I should organize my presentation.

    Role of HR Generalist and Director

    1. Chad is interviewing for an HR Generalist. In one of the interview questions, he was asked to explain the terms job description, job specification, and job evaluation, and when to use each. What should his response be? 2. A small business hired you as the new HR Director. ABC has not really done much in this area and wants

    Monthly Telephone Records and Costs Using the High-Low Method

    The Mays Clinic has the following monthly telephone records and costs: Calls................Costs 2000................2400 1500................2000 2200................2600 2500................2900 2300................2700 1700................2200 Identify the fixed and variable costs elements using the high-low meth

    Security and Loss Prevention

    You have completed your investigation on allegations against a plant employee of an acquired corporation, Lakes Inc. that is based on the basic information given below. Create a report on the results of your investigation and present final results that your investigation has concluded. The following are the main points of the

    Operations Management: Productivity Ratios

    1. A computer high tech keyboards producer has an automated assembly line. The cost to produce one unit of a these computer keyboards consists of labor ($15); materials ($35); and overhead ($5). The selling price for these CDs is $75 a unit. A. What is the current total productivity ratio? B. To achieve 10% gain in total p

    Plan For Uncertainties

    Explain why it is important to plan for uncertainties and how to implement a strategy to address possible risk factors.

    Collective Agreements

    What should unions and employers do in order to successfully administer a collective agreement? What are some challenges that they face with doing so?

    Person Based and Job Based Approach for Job Evaluation

    Why would you use a Person Based Approach for job evaluation instead of a Job Based approach and how would you go about obtaining the information for a Person Based Approach? Can either approach be of assistance in addressing the issue of compensation?

    Bonuses After Bail Out

    Leaders at AIG argued that they were obligated to pay bonuses to executives even after the company was bailed out by the U.S. government because of the company's contracts with these executives. Do you think this is a legitimate argument from an ethical standpoint?

    Population Health

    Discussing Population Health . It is noted that The US government has taken a proactive role in this arena with the Center for Disease Control preparing a series of Health People initiatives, with the most current being Healthy People 2020. 1) Identify and discuss at least 5 key reasons for managing population health 2) Se

    Memo of a pet peeve

    Please write a memo about one of your pet peeves using the guidelines from Cialdini, Conger, and/or Bowman. Also, please include why you memo was ethical, using ideas from Cialdini.

    Interviews: Evaluation Errors

    Evaluation Errors The employment interview process is fraught with pitfalls for the interviewer. Interviewing is a communication skill, and this skill must be mastered. There are many books and articles on how to interview in an organizational context. There is also a lot of information of the Internet. Review books, arti

    Suggestions to Avoid Forecasting Errors

    You have received a call from the manager of a firm where you helped set up a forecasting system. The manager, Dr. Nancy Waldron, expressed concern that forecast errors, although within the control limits, were too large, and wondered if there was anything else that could be done, or whether they would "just have to live with it

    Maintaining operational costs while turning a profit

    In a very turbulent industry such as the airline industry, how will an organization such as Jet Blue be able to maintaining their skyrocking operational costs (maintaintenance, fuel, employees) while turning a profit? All major airline carriers in the US have had a history of bankruptcy at some point in time with American Airlin

    The Corporate Ladder: Climbing and Roadblocks

    Can you provide some strong points and tell me why are they important. - List at least ten ways to climb the corporate ladder. Consider job performance, communications skills, and leadership, just to name a few. - Consider roadblocks that may prevent one from climbing the corporate ladder. Thank you.

    Informal Business Networks

    Business communication in organizations can occur via formal and informal networks. Employee resource groups (ERGs) are typically approved by the organization and share some characteristics of the company's culture. Informal networks are often less structured. However, they can provide a better representation of what's transpiri

    Interviewing Strategies

    Impression management is vital during a job interview. Hence, most interviewees try to make themselves presentable in both appearance and behavior. Visit the following website and view the tour of the company's online interviewing product: www.hireview.com Based on what you have learned about Hireview's hiring strategy, resp