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Business Management

Risk Management Lesson Plan

You are a senior financial consultant for 123 Corporation. Your CEO has asked that you train incoming consultants on financial management and risks. You develop a lesson plan comparing financial risks of a popular retail clothing company and a utility company to help the trainees better understand risk management. - Discu

Print Media

1. How has the print media industry historically treated public education, and how does the print media treat public education today? 2. How has the print media industry helped drive improvements and public awareness of public education? 3. Has the media perpetuated any drawbacks, controversies, or scandals surrounding public

Systems Development Process

Why is a systems development process needed? What are the benefits of following a systems development methodology? Write briefly on your experiences (or someone else's you have studied) as part of any systems implementation project. (This need not be an IS implementation.)

Public Administration - The Budgets

Hello, I would appreciate your assistance with the following questions. Please provide any other references used. Thank you! 1. Based on the e-Activity (, dissect the Michigan state budget and the other two (2) state budgets you found, and classify each as either a traditional or a progr

Three-Year Moving Average vs. three-year weighted Moving Average

Data collected on the yearly registration for a seminar at GIPS are shown in the following table: Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Registrations (000) 4 6 4 5 10 8 7 9 12 14 15 a) Develop a 3-year moving average to forecast registration from year 4 to year 12. b) Estimate demands again for years 4 to 12 with a w

Recommending a Forecasting Method Type for a New Company

The first step in this project requires each member to research and select a relatively new company for which he or she will use as a benchmark. After researching your selected company, come up with a recommendation, for them, on which type of forecasting method they should use and why. Based on the recommendation, you must crea

Career Development; Does it affect you?

Self-Awareness and Career Success: Why is understanding yourself important in your career development? How can you ensure that an employer will realize that you have a clear grasp of who you are and what you have to offer?

Sales Force Management: ChemGrow, Inc.

For the case Chemgrow, Inc. (written by William D. Perrault, Jr., of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Kevin McNeilly of Miami University) consider the following. 1. ChemGrow is one of the largest fertilizer manufacturers in the world. What decisions would you make with regard to which is the most productiv

Disparate Treatment Claim

Prepare a written report that presents a convincing disparate treatment claim that you had been intentionally discriminated against on the basis of your age for job application. Do not address the claim as one of disparate impact. Present a convincing rebuttal from the viewpoint of Best Protection insurance company (BPIC)

Best Methodology for Dissertation Research

Please indicate which methodology (such as ethnography, survey research, action research) its best for dissertation research and discuss how it is consistent with the epistemological stance. Describe the data collection method(s) that can be use (such as questionnaire, interviews, focus groups), and justify how these will be suf

Negotiating Buying and Selling Cars

BUYING AND SELLING Barney wants to buy a car. He spotted a high quality used car on a dealer's lot over the weekend. He would buy it immediately if he had more cash. The dealer will only give him $4,800 on a trade for his current automobile. The car Barney wants is really great, and chances are good it will be sold in short o

When recruiting, hiring and onboarding more than one employee at a time, difficulties can occur based on logistics and making sure each new employee properly feels welcomed. This solution discusses in about 500 words a plan to recruit, hire and onboard 20 new hires. The plan includes suggestions on when and how to recruit, a staggered hiring process for the 20, along with pairing new employees with veterans for a friendly, welcoming experience.

The textbook case a student requested assistance with was: Prepare a comprehensive plan in which you present your strategies to recruit, hire and provide onboarding activities for 20 new Engineers, all within 8 months. The solution explains various ways to recruit in today's electronic age. Many organizations simply use social m

Finding More Time in Your Day as a Salesperson

Salespeople have many demands on their day, with many requirements to meet daily goals and quotas as well as follow-up activities. The more sales prospects you can see in a given day the greater your opportunity to have a sale. Therefore, the more people you can see in a day the better. The long and short of it is that sales

Behavioural & Cognitive Approach to Learning

Explain the behavioral and cognitive approaches to learning. Which is most relevant to training? Explain your answer. There is a 200 WORD minimum response required. APA Information In-TEXT and REFERENCE CITATIONS are required. Reference: Blanchard, P. N., & Thacker, J. W. (2010). Effective training: Systems, strateg

Expected U.S. GDP Growth Rate.

What is the expected GDP Growth Rate in the U.S.? What are trends, forecasts, and statistics? How is GDP determined? How is GDP interpreted?

City of City of Ontario vs. Quon: Fourth Amendment

Look at the case of City of Ontario vs. Quon. Was Quon subject to an improper search and seizure? Do you agree with the ruling in the case? Include a summary of the case and relevant law in your analysis.

Regression Analysis and Sales Forecasting

A senior financial analyst with Ace Gadgets (AG) is attempting to get a better grasp on sales forecasting for AG's new franchises. She has obtained various details for 27 existing franchises including (see associated spreadsheet): Sales (Annual), Square feet of the store, Inventory Advertising $ (annual), and Number of competing


How does the adoption of a particular methodology affect the researcher's choice of methods for data collection and analysis? Which methods might you choose to complete a dissertation, bearing in mind the Self-Determination Theory and the Goal Theory According to Pinder?

Contribution of Knowledge

1. Discuss the contribution of knowledge to effective operations of corporations, to gain advantage in this competitive global environment? Defend your discussion with Examples? 2. How development and production of products help organizational to be successful in the global marketing arena? Provide Examples? 3. What kind o

Facilitating Socialization

Give an example of a time you learned about facilitating socialization. Prepare a paper that describes the process by which you were socialized into a new institution (e.g. college/university; living group; sports team, etc.). Describe in detail: The three socialization stages (anticipatory socialization, accommodatio

Management of a Sales Force- Baby Foods

Please help me with the following tasks. 1. "Let's face it. Our product is no different from that of 20 other competitors. It sells for the same price and for the same terms. We all give the same service. It really doesn't matter to the buyer which of us gets the order. So the only way we can get an edge is through our aggres

Researching current conditions in a country

Potential audience: Your primary reader will be the company CEO, who is somewhat detail-oriented and is very focused on the company's goals. The CEO is somewhat of a stickler about needing reliable and current information for decision making. (Primary audience definition: the primary audience will decide whether to accept your r

Success Factors of a Start-Up Company: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES: A SIMPLE RECIPE FOR SUCCESS When his two oldest sons declared they were not going to college, Jerry Murrell supported their decision. To keep the boys close to home and employed, he and his wife, Janie, used the money intended for their tuition to open a hamburger take-out shop in Arlington, Virgi

Control Chart and Standard Deviations

Bill Kime's bowling ball factory makes bowling balls of adult size and weight only. The standard deviation in the weight of a bowling ball produced at the factory is known to be 0.12 pounds. Each day for 24 days, the average weight, in pounds, of nine of the bowling balls produced that day has been assessed as follows: Day