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Development of a Job Evaluation Committee

You are tasked to chair and develop a job evaluation committee. Describe the role of the committee, the composition and membership, the credentials of each member, and the size of the ideal committee. Do not simply use verbatim descriptions and data out of the textbook. Include examples and discussion in your own words to clearly demonstrate understanding of the important management tool.

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The primary role of the committee is develop a detailed understanding of what work positions do, in a detailed, comprehensive manner that is fair and unbiased. It allows the organization to "measure and analyze each job against established criteria and weight the relative value of jobs in a uniform and consistent manner"(SLCC, n.d) to determine, in part, the benefit of the job to the company as a whole. The job evaluation committee must ensure that the needs of the company are being met through the jobs being performed. It is important that employees are tasked with performing jobs that fulfill the objectives of the department, and that actually move the organization closer to their goals and mission. In addition, the job evaluation can ensure that employees are being fairly compensated in relation to their duties, and there is "equity in pay for jobs of similar skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions by using a system that consistently and accurately assesses difference in relative value in ...

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This solution discusses the role of a job evaluation committee, its composition, membership and credentials of each member as well as optimal size of committee. Examples and discussion are included, as well as APA formatted references.