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    forms of feedback, evaluation development committee

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    I could use some additional discussion arguments and help with the following:

    -discuss some of the effective and ineffective forms of feedback given by instructors.

    -You have just been appointed chairperson of the faculty evaluation development committee for a university. Your first task in this new and very important role is to establish the rest of your committee. keeping the integrity of the evaluation and school in mind, describe your ideal committee. Explain who you would choose and why

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    Discuss some of the effective and ineffective forms of feedback given by instructors.

    Instructors have to become critically aware of their own capability to empower or disempower students through feedback. Effective feedback empowers the student with formative and context-specific information in a meaningful way. An effective or meaningful feedback should also be given at the right time, be frequent and ongoing. Lack of feedback or not doing it at the right time may leave the student with the impression that they are not being noticed and discourage further progress (Benfield, 2002).

    The feedback is better accepted if there are no opinion statements and the explanation for each problem is provided (if possible) with a solution. Saying 'In my opinion, you should re-write this. It reads like a ransom note and can't be followed' is not going to be as well received as saying "You supported your proposal with great arguments. Using fewer fonts and one color could help your readers follow your trend of thoughts easier". Praising the good points as the challenges are spotlighted can keep the student receptive to the comments. 'Using only one font could expressed easier your good points and ...

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    The solution includes a discussion of what is considered effective and ineffective forms of feedback with samples. It also discusses how a faculty evaluation committee should be established with its role.