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Trainers Evaluation

You are asked to see if there is a difference among trainers in your organization regarding knowledge outcomes at the end of a training session. Your organization has three trainers that teach the same class at different locations. How would you go about collecting and using data to make this determination?

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Trainers Evaluation

As part of the entire training and development process, the organization must have a training evaluation mechanism by which the management should determine the success of a training intervention. Effectiveness and evaluation of trainers should be an essential component of this training evaluation model.

The oldest and most popular model of training evaluation is Kirkpatrick's Four Level Model. According to the model every training program should be assessed at the following four levels:
1. Reaction
2. Learning
3. Behavior
4. Results

At the first level, learners' reactions are obtained about the training intervention. ...

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Training departments must have a mechanism to measure the performance of all trainers in order to maintain high quality of their training initiatives. The overall training and development process includes an important step of training evaluation which can be used to evaluate trainers' performance at all levels.