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    Five Phases of Training

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    Please answer the following questions with detail and examples:

    1. An effective training system is a set of processes designed to transform organizational inputs into output that meets organizational needs. As such, provide a detailed description of each of the five phases: (1) Analysis Phase (2) Design Phase (3) Development Phase (4) Implementation Phase and (5) Evaluation Phase.

    2. Describe the importance of organization development and training professionals working together to manage the change process within an organization. Also, describe how these groups benefit from gaining competencies in each other's area of expertise.

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    1. Following are explanations and examples of the five phases of training:

    1) Analysis Phase: during the analysis phase of training, it is determined whether training is practical and will result in the proper outcome. For example, in a factory employed primarily with minimum wage production workers, training on new automated CNC milling machinery might not be a practical solution to production problems involving a lack of cross training. In contrast, training might be the correct action to ensure a delivery staff knows the proper procedure for checking in stock orders during their down time.

    2) Design Phase: during the design phase of training, objectives are defined and the training program is designed. An example would be (from the driver/stock example above) deciding to use print media and a ...

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