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Company Mission, Vision, and Stakeholders

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Company Mission, Vision, and Stakeholders

Strategic management starts with vision and mission. It consists of the analysis, decisions, and actions an organization undertakes in order to create and sustain competitive advantages

You can pick a company that interests you, one that has a lot of information on the web about their practices, and stick with that (You can pick another motorcycle company if you'd like, but again, make sure it's a company other than HD). Either way, the point of the SLP is for you to take the topic of the module and apply it to your life, be it to your company or a company that particularly interests you.

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Strategic management begins with a strategy --- WHAT we are going to do, or WHAT we intend to do. The mission incorporates not only how we will operate, but provides a general road map in terms of the direction we will operate - HOW the firm sees itself fitting into the business community, the local community, and its relations within these areas, as well as ongoing relations with stakeholders --- for purposes of this message, stakeholders represent everybody who will interact on a meaningful basis with the firm, including but not limited to vendors, investors, employees, the press, the media, and the local and surrounding communities in which it operates.

From a financial perspective, the entire operation of the firm revolves around the ability to make decisions --- how much cash is needed to operate, how many people will we employ, what is our cost structure, what is our estimates for revenue, what is our break even point, if we fall short of cash, where and how much should we get to continue operating, if we fall short of ...

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Within every firm, the strategic view of all operations leads to a concerted effort for growth, for profitability, and for sustainability. Each department and internal function requires strategic initiatives of what will be done to insure success. This discussion provides an outline for achieving sound strategic initiatives.

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