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    Gift of the Goose - Cheering Others On

    - Does your Organization provide Active Congratulations on a regular basis? How often? - How could you improve in this area? - Do your Organization provide Passive Congratulations on a regular basis? How often? - How could you improve in this area? - Does your Organization keep score? - What is your scoring system?

    Internal Controls & Corporate Governance

    You have met with a potential client, who informs you that all the employees and officers of his company are bonded. For this reason, he is requesting that under these conditions that you not look at his company's system of internal control so his company may reduce the cost of an audit. Prepare a letter to the potential clie

    Discussing the Operations of Management Areas

    Question: What are some common elements of the four operations management areas: productivity, inventory, capacity, and quality? Compare the relative importance of these in manufacturing.

    Explain different styles of operation in different countries.

    Question: Can you explain the different styles of operation in different countries? Here is an example: Operations in India would not serve beef out of respect for the religion. In Japan the staff knows they cannot leave before the manager, they eat little red meat so a fast food company might add more fish to meet their cul

    Comment on Article

    Please help me to comment on the attached article. We are studying "technology based-industry and innovation". Thank you.

    Sir Robert Peel: Police History

    1. What impact did Sir Robert Peel have on American policing. 2. What was the relationship between the U.S. government and the policing organizations throughout the U.S. 3. How has this relationship affected police practices.

    Managing Business Conflicts

    Let's say that you're part of an audit team and you're just beginning the brainstorming session with five of your colleagues who are also going to be working on the engagement. You're a senior associate on the audit. In the meeting, you have one audit partner, one audit manager, two senior associates (you and one other), and two

    Changes to Business Mission/Vision Statement

    I need assistance in identifying a company that changed its mission/vision statements drastically and the circumstances behind it. Example: IBM as it went from a heavily manufacturing organization to a service one over the years.

    Finding a Dissertation Topic

    The hardest thing for corporations to accept is that someone has come behind them after they have spent millions of dollars in research and innovation, to only have them make more money off the base product they initially produced. This is not illegal; it's really quite helpful in the world of research. One of the most effic

    Gabel Company: Human Capital

    Gabel Company spent money to train its employees so that they can be productive workers. Such expenditures are often referred to as investments in human capital. Required: a. Do you think that Gabel Company's trained employees meet the definition of an asset? Explain. In your answer, discuss the characteristics of an asset

    Negotiation Case Study

    See attachment for Problem. -As "Jim", identify the issues and parties to the conflict/negotiation. -Assess the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) of all parties, including your own. - Identify interests and options. -Include thoughts about standards for evaluating proposals. Consider relationship/percep

    Public-Private Partnerships

    How can public-private partnerships (P3) impact government structures and processes? In your response, include an example of a P3. For more information about P3, refer to the website for The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (i.e., http://ncppp.org/).

    Three Types of Accountants

    Describe the service each type of these accountants provide? Who would be the user of each type? Management accountants Public accountants Government accountants 250-300 words please.

    Discussing Public Administration

    Hi, I need some assistance with the following questions: - Define public administration. How would you describe it to someone that is new to the industry and not familiar with it? - Shafritz, Russell, and Borick (2012) briefly refereed to rational decision making and ad hoc incremental decision making. Assume for a moment t

    Strategic Management Advantages and Risks

    Please help in understanding what Strategic Management is, what some of the advantages & risks associated with strategic management are, and an example of a company that uses strategic management and where you would see a manifestation of it.

    Needs Analysis and the RFP Process

    What is a needs analysis? Why must an organization conduct a needs analysis for an event? How does a needs analysis support the RFP process? I need a 200 word response.

    Budgetary Concerns in Event Planning

    What are some budgetary concerns in planning an event? What is the effect of a needs assessment on the budget? What effect do unplanned expenses have on the budget? How might you anticipate for unplanned expenses?

    Human Capital Development and Unionization

    How might unionization positively and negatively affect personnel management practices in government organizations? Provide specific examples. What challenges may arise between management and unions within government organizations? What happens if these challenges cannot be resolved? Provide an example.

    Functional Areas of Business

    List and explain the functional areas of business that must be integrated into a company's four phases of strategic management that includes thinking, planning, implementation, and feedback. What are the functional areas of a business that are critical during each phase?

    "Questioning the depth of one's questions"

    Describe what the authors (Paul & Elder) mean by "Questioning the depth of one's questions," and then explain a personal experience in which you either failed or succeeded in applying these methods to your own questioning. What was the outcome?

    Types of Questions Examined

    Define three types of questions, and give three examples of each type of question Three types are fact, preference & judgement; I could use assistance with examples of each of these questions.

    Problems Planning and Managing Budgets

    Explain the problems faced by large companies in planning and managing their budgets. In your answer explain how a plan of action is prepared and mention any problems which you would expect management to encounter.

    Coca-Cola Is Everything

    Answer questions and provide references: Visit Coca-Cola's Facebook page. Can you buy Coke products there? What social media tools are present that allow you to communicate with Coca-Cola? Now, visit Pepsi's Facebook page. Compare and contrast it to Coca-Cola's Facebook page. Which has more eye appeal? Which seems to have