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"On Prototyping: The Simplest Solution Never Comes First? (Glei, nd)"
The article was found on the website of 99U Making Bright Ideas Happen - http://99u.com/articles/5937/on-prototyping-the-simplest-solution-never-comes-first.

Write a short paper that includes the following:
- A description of the article and where it was found
- Identification of the one thing about prototyping that surprised you the most
- A brief summary of why it surprised you
- A description of the purpose of prototyping within the example in the chosen article

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This article provides an overview of the development process that was taken by Studio 7.5 in the designing of an award winning multipurpose chair. The chair itself debuted at NeoCon and is the first of its kind. This chair adapts to a user without the user having to make any adjustments. Studio 7.5 has also designed the Mirra desk chair which also is an award winning chair.

I think what surprised me the most from reading this article was the ...

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This response gives one example on an article involving prototyping discussing where the article was found; how the article surprises one and a short summary of why as well as the description of the purpose of prototyping in the example article.