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    Discussing Prototyping Methods

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    What is a user interface prototype? How would you compare and contrast three service prototyping methods? What considerations would you recommend for improving service testing and prototyping?

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    User Interface Prototype:

    The user interface prototype is an iterative development technique where by the users actively take part in the act of mocking-up the user interface to obtain a system. In the development and the modification of the user experience, the user interface prototype model is used to serve as guidance in the designing and the revising of the user experience. It is imperative to note that the prototypes give a provision of the insights with regards to the diverse service aspects. There are diverse uses for the UI prototype: it can be used as analytical equipment that enables one to have an exploration of the issues that are being experienced by the stakeholders in the organization. For the process of envisioning the initial processes of the system, the user interface can be utilized. In the system, the user interface can be utilized as the design artifact that will enable one to explore the solution that might be encountered in the system. Through the act of writing quality codes for the prototype, a development can be made on the systems of operations that are to be utilized (Rae, ...

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