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Small business management on Valentine's Day

Find a news story that features a "small' business that is "Significantly Impacted" by the Valentine's Day holiday. "Small" means no more than 100 employees so stories that feature businesses like Hallmark Cards or Hershey's can't be used. "Significantly Impacted" means this business perhaps relies on Valentine's Day for the majority of its annual sales or perhaps only operates during the Valentine's Day holiday season.

(Brief statement as to why you believe this story is appropriate)

- Find a story of small business that is significantly impacted by Valentine's Day.

- Find a story of small business located in Nebraska that is significantly impacted by Valentine's Day.

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This news story showcases 15 unique gifts from small businesses to give as gifts. The 'One Night Stay in the Cupid Suite' at the Wildwood Inn in Florence, Ky., benefits from the month of February with their heart shaped decorations. Another small business featured is Boston Costume who rents a Box of Chocolate Costume.
Sauer, P. (2012, 13 Feb). Valentine?s Day Gifts, Small Business Style. The Huffington Post. Retrieved from

The Wall Street Journal features 'Valentine's Guy Guide: Lingerie Traps, Love Docs?' (!F9720DA0-2E6B-4B83-A27E-A5A826F4AA10) which features the small business that offers a 'love documentary' and that offer couples a chance to reenact proposals and love connections. These video ...

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This solution uses a news story (link included) to show a small business that is significantly impacted by Valentines. It also includes a story about a small business in Nebraska significantly impacted by sales on Valentine's Day.