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Gary Latham and Edwin Lock's Goal-Setting Theory

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Describe Gary Latham and Edwin Lock's goal setting theory.
Please discuss and define the four basic elements of this theory.

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This 448 word solution discusses the motivation theory of Locke and Latham and its four main components. A brief explanation of the importance of goals as motivators is also provided.

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Goal setting theory is a motivation theory. Latham and Locke proposed that it was through the establishment of specific and challenging goals workers would be more motivated and hence more productive, but only if those goals were accepted by those employees, and when they receive feedback about their progress towards these goals.

There are four elements to the Goal Setting Theory:
1. Specific goals - the theorists propose that for goals to be motivating they must be clear and unambiguous. They must be specific. Specific goals allow employees to focus their direction and allow them to proceed knowing clearly what they are attempting to ...

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