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    Goal setting theory

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    I choose the goal setting theory for my project. How does the goal setting theory help motivate employees to work hard without Monetary Compenstaion?

    What would be the criteria for employees to recieve the incentives?

    Please provide your actual thoughts on this matter.

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    Human resource Management
    This issue is related to the Human Resource management. It involves the development of organization systems and practices for the planning, acquisition, development and utilization of manpower. It involves developing a symbiotic relationship between the external, societal culture and internal culture of the organization. This will enable the upholding of the the relevant external values, as well as contributing new values such as productivity, innovation etc through modeling by the organization. The participatory process help in cement the link between strategy and the HR practices.
    As a minimum extend HRM to three of the external shareholders, more directly connected with the business- customers, dealers and suppliers. Make them more competitive and think global, along with you
    Further extend it to the the communities immediately surrounding the firm's operational location, through innovative programs of adult literacy, health, vocational training and career guidance to the youth so as to raise the quality of life.
    Reach out to the ...

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