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    flexible work team

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    What is flexible work team? How would the job descriptions of employees on flexible work teams differ from those in a mass production setting? 200 words or more

    Analyze and explain the collective bargaining process and the steps available to settle disputes when the parties cannot agree on a solution. Does the mediator have formal authority to impose a solution in a labor dispute? If mediation fails what actions will typically follow? 200 words

    Explain goal setting theory and why goal-setting increases motivation. 200 words

    Explain the two work situation contingencies in the contingency theory of leadership and the importance of each in selecting a leadership approach. 200 words or more

    Although I find a pair of running shoes at Wal Mart for 25% less than the cost of running shoes at a specialty sporting goods store, I buy the much more expensive shoes because I believe they will better meet my needs. This is an example of:

    relative value.
    absolute value.
    reverse engineering.
    target pricing.

    Wal Mart employs buying products as cheaply as possible so it can sell them as cheaply as possible as its marketing strategy. This is an example of:

    high market segmentation.
    lower tier marketing.
    product segment differentiation.
    appealing to the mass market based on product selection.
    appealing to the mass market based on price.

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    //The given discussion is based on the concept of 'Flexible Work Teams'. In the first section of the discussion, the meaning and the characteristics of the flexible work teams are described. In addition to this, the flexible teams are also compared with the mass production system.//

    Flexible Work Teams

    Flexible work teams are a new sort of organizational entity that will become even more predominant in near future. These types of teams are very famous now days due to its following characteristics:

    Composite association and roles

    Diverse disciplines

    Assorted skills

    Rapid communication configuration

    Rapid development arrangement

    All these attributes of a flexible work teams address the impact of various organizational difficulties in an efficient manner. In flexible work teams, team members are given greater scheduling freedom for fulfilling the obligations of their roles and responsibilities. The most important feature of this flexible work team is flextime, which gives team members far greater latitude in terms of the time when they commence and end work. Other general flexible work team features engross telecommuting, job-sharing and squashed work weeks.

    The job descriptions of employees on flexible work teams differ from those in a mass production setting as it involves standardization of scheduled work. Employees at mass production setting works in an environment of the principles of specialization, division of labor and standardization of parts to the manufacturing of goods on a large scale which is totally different from the job description of flexible work teams (French & Bell, 2004).

    //In the further section of the discussion, the concept of 'Collective Bargaining' is explained. In addition to this, the steps for the solution of any kind of employee dispute are also explained in the same segment. //

    Collective Bargaining

    Collective Bargaining is defined as the system ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 980 words with references.