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    Trend of Virtual team and outsourcing

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    We talked about the potential organizational structures for companies in the 21st Century (in last week's discussion). Now, we're seeing that the total landscape of business will be different as well...NOT just the "structure." Whether we support the concept of outsourcing or not, what might be some good food-for-thought with regard to where business in general is headed? Will business "look" different in the future? If so, how? What might this mean for an organization's human resources, or for HR professionals as a whole?

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    Business will look different in future. Organizations will move away from the definition of employees and be more of "partners" who would function independently, take decisions independently, and work as a part of extremely high-powered, self sufficient teams, empowered to take their own decisions.
    "Flat, self-managing teams" will be the units of the future since empowerment and decision authority must be with the people who are closest to the product and the customers. Marvin Weisboard, an expert in organisational development suggests that self - management typically adds 40% increase in output per man hour.

    Trend of Virtual team and outsourcing

    "The Virtual Team" is a concept that has become extremely popular in various forms. First propounded by GE CEO Jack Welch in 1990 as the "Boundaryless" organisation, the idea has caught on extremely fast amongst global majors.

    A key concept behind Virtual teams is how multiple entities can come together, without the end consumer even realizing it at times, to provide the consumer with the final product, creating a win-win situation at all times. Such a move would obviously require immense sharing of responsibilities, information; traditional boundaries as we know between organisations will become immaterial.

    Outsourcing on the other hand is transferring the managing powers also for that particular process to the third party. It is being done for Business segments like information technology, human resources, ...

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