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    Structural Options for Increasing Global Presence

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    You have been assigned to a task force with other department managers to consider structural options for SWC as the company moves forward with expanding its global presence. Specifically, SWC intends to expand sales and customer service efforts in several Western Europe and the Pacific Rim countries to address demand and foster continued growth. The company currently outsources some manufacturing to companies in the Pacific Rim. Management is considering the relative benefits of also outsourcing sales and customer service to companies in the targeted countries or establishing its own presence by using self-managed virtual teams of SWC employees or a combination thereof.

    First, your task force should review each of the organizational structure options for international expansion, highlighting the pros and cons of each option and proposing how each would collaboratively work with SWC's U.S. offices. Considerations related to the proposed structures that should also be discussed include organizational and regional cultures, communication/languages, business practices in various geographical markets, varying ethical standards, training, employee motivation, and job satisfaction. After the options have been reviewed, the task force should recommend a specific structure and support its recommendation, including how the structure will be established and integrated with the existing organizational structure at SWC and what specific steps will be taken to identify either a strategic partner (outsourcing) or to develop a virtual team (selecting members) or a combination thereof. (16-18 slides)

    Centralizing customer service and creating the matrix structure was a challenge in itself. Subsequent international expansion will add to the challenges; thus, an appropriate leader will be needed to guide SWC through this process. Your task force must research various leadership styles and presents its findings. In addition, your task force must also recommend a desired leadership style, including related characteristics that will be needed in this situation. Use at least one specific leadership theory/model to justify your group's selection of a preferred style in this situation. (9-12 slides)

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