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Business Management

Writing a Recommendation Letter

Audience: Harvard Business School Admissions Committee Assignment: Write a recommendation letter for Ms. Susan Fishburn's admission to the Harvard Business School MBA program. You have worked with Ms. Fishburn at the Bank of America for the past several years in the department of consumer affairs. Ms. Fishburn has decided to

Forecasting and Forecasting Errors in Business

Should your division be using moving average, weighted average, or exponential smoothing in forecasting calculations? Why? What are some sources of forecast errors? What is a control chart, and what is the benefit to using them for forecasting errors? What are aggregate capacity requirements, and how could they be applied?

Materials Requirement Analysis and Planning

Discuss ways the company you researched could benefit (or more likely already is benefiting) from robust materials requirement planning. Provide specific examples to support your response.

Calculating Productivity

Please see attached. Two workers have the same job assembling units for shipment to customers. The first worker can assemble 100 units in 3 hours. The second worker can assemble 85 units in 2 hours. Which worker is more productive? Worker Input Output Productivity 1 3 100 33.33333333 2 2 85 42.5

Construct a decision tree to help Expando make the best decision.

Expando, Inc, is considering the possibility of building an additional factory that would produce a new addition to its product line. The company is currently considering two options. The first is a small facility that it could build at a cost of $6 million. If demand for new products is low, the company expects to receive $10 m

Learning Curves

Lambda Computer Products competed for and won a contract to produce two prototype units of a new type of computer that is based on optics using lasers rather than on electronic binary bits. The first unit produced by Lambda took 5,000 hours to produce and required $250,000 worth of materials, equipment usage and supplies. The se

Top Training Organizations

Microsoft, Verizon, United States Navy and Farmers Insurance are the best of the best training organizations, according to Training Magazine (see the below for a link). Choose one of these companies, visit their website and describe how integrity and ethics play a role in their training program. Be sure to address the follow


Hello, I would appreciate assistance with the following question: Explain e-governance and assess its relationship to public administration. Please provide references used. Thanks.

Interpersonal Mastery: Business Realities

(1) I am stuck on finding an engaging introduction regarding Leaders of the 21 st Century and the importance of utilizing Interpersonal Mastery in today's business working environment. 2) How does the following New Business Realities Driving forces (Knowledge and Transformative change) and the following thinking habits of

Learning Curves in a Business Setting

How might the following business specialists use a learning curve? - Financial Analysts - Personnel Managers - Marketers - Accountants - Computer Programmers

Human Side of Management

Please see the article attached below and answer the next two questions. 1) Teal argues that 'mediocre management' is the norm, and a scarcity of 'managerial greatness' exists - why is this so? 2) Do you agree with Teal that "management is terrifically difficult"? How would you assess your own managerial capabilities

Case Study on Tires Plus (Employee Training and Development)

Please read the following case, and help me answer the questions below. Case: Training and Development Help Rubber Hit the Road at Tires Plus The mission at Tires Plus's headquarters and its 500 stores in 22 states is to encourage employees to be the same at work as they are in every other area of their lives. Tires Plus s

Aggregate Production and Hires/Fires

Chapter 13, Problem 4 Although the BackPack Company has always used a level aggregate plan, Jill is interested in evaluating chase aggregate plans also. She has calculated how many hires and fires would be necessary to adjust capacity to meet demand exactly each period. Use the following data to solve the problem. Problem

Competency-Based vs. Task-Orientated Job Analysis The courts have recognized task-based job analysis as useful for preventing unfair discrimination. Some HR professionals worry that competency-based approaches are more susceptible to stereotyping and bias. From an employee's perspective, would you prefer to have a job description and performance appraisal based on a task-oriented job analysis or based on a competency modeling study?

The courts have recognized task-based job analysis as useful for preventing unfair discrimination. Some HR professionals worry that competency-based approaches are more susceptible to stereotyping and bias. From an employee's perspective, would you prefer to have a job description and performance appraisal based on a task-orie

Encouraging Positive Group Norms via Good Management

1. Support is an aspect that makes a franchise successful. Why? What are some examples?' 2. How can intergroup competition be bad for organizations? 3. How can a team leader help build positive group norms? 4. Define "leadership" and contrast it with "management 5. What should a manager do when forces for unplanned

Implementation Plans and Scope

Thank you in advance. I appreciate all your help. True or False 1. Stakeholder groups do not include consumers of the organization's programs and services, other nonprofit organizations that may be affected, or funders. 2. A budget for full implementation should include the costs of putting the idea into place as well

Evaluation of Activity-Based Costing

1. Discuss differences between activity-based costing and the traditional costing systems. 2. Discuss the reasons that activity-based costing may be resisted by top management. 3. Discuss why activity rates are important to management. 4. In your opinion, why is the activity-based costing approach probably unacceptable for ex

Appreciative Inquiry

In what way does "Appreciative Inquiry" demonstrate the importance of a leader ? Describe the importance of participation in ownership.

Foundations and Current Challenges in Strategic Management for Walmart

In a narrative format, discuss Walmart from a strategic perspective. Information concerning recent changes in the firms is readily available online and should be accessed. Strategic issues should be discussed in "real time." The solution is over 400 words and includes three references.

Managing a Multicultural Environment and Virtual Global Management

I need help with developing responses to the following questions. What are the challenges of managing a multicultural environment for a virtual, Internet-based organization? How would you manage those challenges? What is a virtual global management team? How do members of these teams interact? Discuss the advantages and ch

Job Analysis of a College Student

Consider the job of a college student. Perform a job analysis on this job. What tasks are required in the job? What knowledge, skills and abilities are necessary to perform those tasks? Prepare a job description based on your analysis.

Duties of the Insured After a Loss

The insured's duties after a loss are usually extensive. Please describe some of the duties of the insured after a loss occurs. Do you think what can happen if the insured fails to perform these duties? Explain your answer.