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    Ranking Datasets

    Please provide assistance in prioritizing 3 data sets. I need to know which sites - labelled A-K should have a program implemented first based on the following information. Their DIR, premiums/employee and if they have a program. I am not sure how to combine all three data sets to determine the order for which the programs

    Analyzing Job Satisfaction Survey Data

    You have joined a new hospital and you have been reading some internal documents. You find that the hospital conducted a job satisfaction survey among its staff three years earlier. A market research firm had conducted the survey, analyzed the data, and provided results. How will you evaluate this report? Suppose you decide to d

    Allowing New Casinos to be Built

    1. What are the pros (3)and cons (3) of allowing a Casino to be built in a State in the US that has not previously allowed casinos (ie: Massachusetts)? Please explain each. 2. You have the opportunity to be on the Casino Planning Committee for your community. What are the 3 points that you would emphasize that would have a

    The Traditional Litigation System

    Compare and contrast the traditional litigation system with the nontraditional forms of ADR. Use APA and include at least two references.

    World Business Community

    Considering the core value of responsible stewardship, define the steps the world business community can take to reduce ecological damage and promote sustainable development.

    Analysis of Business Specialties

    I need assistance explaining why this firm is well suited to the team members skills. Attached is the team members skill matrix. The firm is a job placement consulting firm, in which they offer services like interview techniques (with role playing), job placement, resume help, computer assistance etc.

    Top Factors in Modern Management

    Illustrate what you feel are the top two factors in modern management. Explain your rationale. Explain how you envision applying these factors in your impending career. What challenges do you expect to encounter? Why?

    Evaluation Useful Technologies for an Organization

    I am trying to conduct further research into one of the specific emerging technologies affecting evaluation that you find particularly interesting or potentially useful in your organization. Submit your work in a 2-3 page paper using APA format.

    Discuss For-Profits and Non-Profits evaluations and why they are different.

    Discuss some of the inherent difference between for-profit and non-profit organizations that influence different approaches to evaluation for each. Why are these differences so important to understand when considering evaluation? Explain your reasoning and support your opinions by referencing sources such as the textbook or inte

    Communicating a New Requirement to Employees

    You are the CEO of Prestige Health Care System, a full-service, 400-bed hospital, home health agency, and rehabilitation center. The Executive Board of Trustees has decided that all employees must complete a HRA (Health Risk Assessment) and follow a health plan in order to receive free health care insurance within the Prestige s

    Business Related Strengths

    Please prepare a paper specific to me relating to my own career and business related strengths. Can you provide some guidance for me? What should I include?

    Strategic African Leadership

    Create a power point with of information about an African leader such as Shirley Chisholm. Examine how her actions relate to strategic leadership and positive social change.

    Two Forms of Sexual Harassment

    Distinguish between the two forms of sexual harassment: quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment. Provide an example of each.

    Program Evaluation and Success

    Simply designing and implementing a policy is not enough to guarantee the success of a program - it also involves evaluating the progress of that policy in order to make any necessary adjustments to increase quality and efficacy. Pick a public policy that has been in the news recently, and evaluate whether that policy has achiev

    Learning Style Preferences

    If you could attend a training program designed around one of the learning style preferences in the Felder-Silverman model, which learning style preference would you choose? Explain you answer.

    Deming and Technical Support

    Melissa Clare works for a software company as a technical support representative. Her duties include answering the telephone, providing information to customers, and troubleshooting technical problems. Her supervisor told her to be courteous and not to rush callers. However, the supervisor also told her that she must answer an a

    Security Measures in Technology Management

    Assume that you have been asked to consult for a company that has branch offices in four continents. You have implemented a management information system that will enable its managers to exchange information about various company activities in the areas of marketing, sales, HR, finance, and administration. As part of the impleme

    Social Elements in Business after Volunteering

    As a group, we plan to volunteer our time at the American Red Cross branch. We did some manual labor by helping with some year-end cleaning jobs, such as washing windows and cleaning all the lights. Our next element to the project was helping with the blood drive. During the blood drive, we helped the donors safely get out of th

    Economic Concepts of Opportunity Costs and Unemployment Benefits

    1. Why do unemployment benefits give some incentive to stay unemployed? 2. Define opportunity cost and give an example from your own experience. The opportunity cost is the sum of explicit and implicit costs of using a resource in a given fashion. It is the value of the next best alternative. 3. Suppose that, in a year, an A

    When an organization has a faithful customer base, sales promotions may be one tool to retain loyalty. For a new organization, sales promotions may be used to attract customers away from a competitor. This solution provides examples of different types of sales promotions and when they may be utilized. Example promotions and sales tecnniques are discussed for a scenerio in which competition exists amongst fruit sales, while the other explains how to product a new vitamin product.

    The two-part case study posted by the student were: 1. Oakley Grove and Abraham Enterprises both market oranges and grapefruits. Oakley Grove has been in business for almost 40 years, while Abraham Enterprises has only been selling citrus fruit for about 18 months. Abraham Enterprises would like to take business away from Oak