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BATNA: Negotiation Model

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I need help with a response paper to negotiation model; interests, criteria, options and the BATNA (the best alternative to a negotiated agreement). How these models impact you?

(APA style and 1000 words)

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Win-win model, win-lose model, and lose-lose model are discussed step-by-step in this solution. The response also has the sources used.

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Step 1

There are several negotiation models that are used. Some of the common models are the win-win model, win-lose model, and lose-lose model. These models describe the outcomes for the participants in the negotiation process. For example in the win-win model both individuals in the negotiation win.

Another model is the RADPAC model. This model describes the negotiation process. Each alphabet in the RADPAC model represents a process in the negotiation process. R represents the rapport forming phase. Forming a rapport with the other party is important for meaningful negotiation. Usually there is some form of ice-breaking before serious negotiation takes place. The purpose of this stage is to make both the parties comfortable with each other. A is for analysis. The information provided by each party and the facts of the issues are analyzed jointly by both the parties. The analysis phase helps clarify the issues on which negotiation takes place. During the analysis phase both the parties understand the needs of the other party. Listening is critical during this stage. D stands for debate. In this stage counterpoints are placed and opposing arguments are discussed. During this stage there is confrontation of viewpoints. For example, in a price negotiation, the buyer places his arguments for a lower price whereas the seller places her arguments for higher prices. Debate means reasoning and persuasion. P sands for propose. During this stage a solution is proposed which considers the view points of both the parties. The proposal is modified with discussion. Each party tries to come up with a solution that is acceptable to the other party. A is for ...

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