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Business Management

Management: Employer/Employee Regulations

I need help figuring out the following: 1. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act A. applies to all employers B. applies to all employers engaged in commerce with 15 or more employees for each working day for 20 or more weeks in the current or preceding year. C. applies to Indian tribes and government-owned corporations D. no

The Design of Business Research

A pharmaceutical manufacturer is testing a drug developed to treat cancer. During the final stages of development the drug's effectiveness is being tested on individuals for different (1) dosage conditions and (2) age groups. One of the problems is patient mortality during experimentation. Justify your design recommendations thr

Training Management.

1. What can be done long before the trainee attends training to ensure that the trainee will be motivated to learn? 2. Supervisors often resist taking on the role of coach. What can organizations do to encourage supervisors to be effective coaches?

Holistic Management Visual Mapping

Hello, I need some assistance with a holistic management topic. A visual map is a process of translating visual thinking onto paper. A visual mapper combines words and images to create a visual record of the spoken and written words - literally revealing the "big picture." I will need assistance visual mapping that lin

Self-Evaluation: Baxerman & Moorse's Six Steps

Think about a recent business decision you have made that was either a success or a failure. Your supervisor asked you to email him/her a self-evaluation of this decision as part of your yearly evaluation. You are to be as objective and open minded as possible. Analyze your decision using Bazerman & Moore's six steps as a guide:

Conventional VS Holistic Management

I need some help answering some of the following questions: 1. What is the difference between conventional management and holistic management? 2. What are the possible impacts of both conventional and holistic management on society and the environment? 3. What are some comparative conventional and holistic models? 4. How do

Work Breakdown Structure - (WBS)

A consumer electronics firm is planning an expansion into Milwaukee. Generally, the firm prefers to remodel large existing tenant spaces to suit their needs. After a site is selected from several alternatives, the corporate architect develops plans by reviewing the suitability of existing structure and utilities. A modification

Estimating Price and Quantity of Bricks Using Expected Costs

A building project requires the use of a special brick. a) The most likely brick price is $120.00/ton but this price is volatile and fluctuates. The most optimistic price is $80.00/ton and the most pessimistic price is $180.00/ton. (Note there are 3 data points in for this estimate.) What is the expected price of the bric

Discipline Decisions in the Workplace

Do you think that your manager should support your discipline decisions in the workplace when you follow his guidelines for levying punishment? Does it make a difference in how you view your boss? If not, why?

Goodwill at Work

What is goodwill at work? What are some examples of goodwill where you work (for you personally, and in your community)? As a worker, is it part of your responsibility to support your employer, and goodwill efforts that your employer undertakes?

Freedom of Speech and Expression on the Job

To what extent do employees retain the right of freedom of speech on the job? Off the job? What about the freedom of expression? Are there limits to an employee's rights to freedom of expression on or off the job? Explain and give examples.

OSHA Violations

Dynamic Duo, Inc., opened its manufacturing plant several months ago. The company is owned and operated by two enterprising business students, Jack Richter and Drew Saline, from Poedunk University in Poedunk, U.S.A. The company has 75 employees, most of whom work on the floor of the plant and handle the heavy equipment needed

Working with limited data

Please help me with the attached document. I do not know how or where to begin. Choose a statistic that recently came across your desk where you were just given a mean. If you can't think of one, come up with an example you might encounter in your life. How would knowing the variance and the skew of the data give you a bett

Hands On vs. Group Building Training Methods

What method of training do you believe is most effective in maximizing transfer and why? - Hands on Methods: - OJT(on-the job training) - Self-Directed Learning - Apprenticeship - Simulation OR - Group Building Methods: - Adventure Learning - Team Training - Action Learning

Web Search Economic Impact Studies

Using your favorite Internet search engine site, find the results of at least one economic impact study conducted for a sport event or facility. Then write at least a 400 word response, making sure to answer the following questions. Who conducted the study? How was the study conducted? What were the key findings and conclusio

Draw a decision tree for this problem and choose the best alternative.

The director of social services of a county has learned that the state has mandated additional information requirements. This will place an additional burden on the agency. The director has identified three acceptable alternatives to handle the increased workload. One alternative is to reassign present staff members, the sec

Cost estimation, forecasting and auditing correlations

The importance of auditing often goes undervalued in many of today's struggling organizations. The appropriate amount of energy has not been applied in checking for accuracy. This causes a miscalculation in the forecasting, leading to poor results. Often times, people are given too much credit for completing the work correctly,

An Evaluation of Bureaucracy

Over 250 word response with reference discussing bureaucracy within an organization. Discuss when bureaucracy becomes a problem in an organization and how the principles of bureaucracy help managers to design an organizational hierarchy. Also, what can managers do to prevent bureaucratic problems arising?

The Recruitment Process for Salespeople

The recruitment and selection of salespeople are among the most challenging and important responsibilities of sales management. a) How can sales managers use the recruiting process to ensure that the salespeople that are hired are good team players? b) What kinds of questions can be asked in the interview to test if a ca

Order Qualifiers and Order Winners

Clearly state what you believe to be the order qualifiers and the order winners in the following consumer markets. A. ketchup B. smart phone C. washer/dryer pair D. heart surgeon (you need a triple bypass and aortic valve replacement)

Creating a Schedule for Orders

Wooden pencils are made in 1 week out of four kinds of parts: two wooden halves, the graphite, the metal cap, and the rubber eraser. Construct an MRP explosion for orders of 10 dozen in week 2, 30 dozen in week 3, and 15 dozen in week 5. There are currently 500 wooden halves on hand, 300 graphic rods, and 1500 metal caps, but

Issues with Starting a Translation Business

Please find questions below. --- One field in which small businesses have recently enjoyed rapid growth is in the business of providing translations. As barriers to international business continue to fall, more and more people are encountering language differences in the people they work with, sell to, and buy from. At the