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Business Management

Formulating a Cost Minimizing LP Model

The trainer for a local football team has been asked to develop a nutritional supplement for the team to meet specific dietary requirements. No product currently on the market meets all of the specifications set out by the coaches so the trainer will have to come up with a mix of four commercial products: Muscle Tone, High Build

Reducing Resistance to Change

Please suggest the strategies that could be used for design and implement to reduce resistance to change in an organization while explaining why the suggested strategies would be effective and justifying the answers with appropriate research and reasoning. Please us subtitles to follow including in text citations and references.

Research Design Questions

Can you help me consider the following case: A marketing firm is evaluating the possibility of using a series of product promotions for the population of Cook County, Illinois. However, these promotions are based upon the US National demographics from the 2010 Census data. There is some concern that if the demographics of Cook

Small Businesses Have a Big Impact on the Economy and why.

Define 3 characteristics of a small business. In today's market, how are small businesses contributing to the economy? If you could start your own business, what it would be? Write a few paragraphs about what business you would start and why.

Compensation for Team Work

Have you ever worked on a team to do a class project where you wound up getting the same grade that every other one got? Did you have trouble with that system? Doesn't it seem unfair to measure someone's grade or "pay" on the results of the team when sometimes everyone's participation is not equal? Is there anything that can be

Calculating Factory Productivity

You have been brought in as a consultant for a factory which is not making as many goods as it made last year. Explain how you would calculate the productivity at the factory?

Data Reporting

Database reports provide us with the ability to further analyze our data and provide it in a format that can be used to make business decisions. Discuss the steps that you would take to ensure that we create an effective report. What questions would you ask of the users?

Shui Fabrics Case Study

Review the case for critical analysis "Shui Fabrics" attached. Assist with writing ideas for a response in which you: 1. Describe the differences between Ray Betzell's and Chiu Wai's perspectives on Shui Fabrics' ROI in terms of the GLOBE Project value dimensions. 2. Explain which of these differences is most central to the

Obstacles and overcoming them

Select two obstacles you anticipate will be your greatest challenges to staying committed to your goal of getting a college degree. The following are examples. *Missing an assignment due date *Receiving a low grade on an assignment, quiz, or test *Receiving a lower grade in a class than you wanted *Experiencing an unexpe

Managing Global Environment

- Outline the different global environmental factors that impact global business - Complete the Management in Practice Experimental Exercise (Rate Your Global Management Potential) and discuss the possible steps you could take to better prepare yourself. - Which of these environments presents the greatest challenges for global

Performance Reviews from Several Levels of Management

Performance Reviews- it comes to evaluations, sometimes a manager can be biased against certain employees so that salary increases may be less to them than others. Has anyone ever worked with a system that actually brings in several levels of management in order to minimize the possible bias resulting from bad leadership? How mu

Approaches to Understanding Climate Change

Watch the YouTube video, "John Kotter, Our Iceberg is melting." (retrieved from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gh2xc6vXQgk) and analyize Kotter's approach to understand change. What are the implications for change consulting? Also, include how Fred the penguin faced resistance as an internal consultant.

Product Selection

Analyze baseline data that would be important to the iPhone 5 and Just Dance 4.

Operations Management Product Design and Life Cycles

Using McDonald's as the corporation, integrate the concepts and operations management principles. Please help addressing the following questions: 1) How product design is applied in the decision-making of that organization? 2) Can you describe a Product Life Cycles in the organization? 3) How are different issues fo

Case Study Evaluation

Case Background: The case involves an electricity company that was privatized in the year 1999, and with a change in ownership, there was a change in policies. Initially, while under government control, it followed the government employment policy of providing workers with a change in grade every four years along with a sa

Design a P-Chart

1. As a hospital administrator of a large hospital, you are concerned with the absenteeism among nurses' aides. The issue has been raised by registered nurses, who feel they often have to perform work normally done by their aides. To get the facts, absenteeism data were gathered for the last 3 weeks, which is considered a repres

Calculate the order quantity in the given scenarios.

A television station is considering the sale of promotional DVDs. It can have the DVDs produced by one of two suppliers. Supplier A will charge the station a set-up fee of $1,200 plus $2 for each DVD; supplier B has the no set-up fee and will charge $4 per DVD. The station estimates its demand for the DVDs to be given by Q = 1,6

Privatization in Managing a Fund

Hello, I need assistance with the following question: Can privatization play a part in managing/tracking the fund so that the people who actually paid into the system are the ones that are actually receiving the benefit? I believe that it can because only those who are actually working can pay into it and should receive

Intervention and Implementation

Hi, I am working on the end of this report and need further help. For example, I want indicate clearly how any operations would be implemented at the organizational level. In addition, recommend the required corrective actions and justify how they can be implemented from the recommendations with appropriate research and reasonin

Being Socially Responsive- examples of companies

What are some of the pressures on and actions being taken by selected industrialized countries and companies to be more socially responsive to world problems? (Answer provided in approximately 100 words.)

Process Flow Analysis

Provide two examples for each of the following categories of questions when conducting process flow analysis: a) What b) Who c) Where d) When e) How

Open Systems Theory: Balancing the Needs of Stakeholders

After all, the purpose of a company is to earn profit. However, balancing (integrating) the needs of the stakeholders has been demonstrated to be profitable path, primarily because the interconnected relationships operate much more efficiently when characterized by trust. What do you think?

Open Systems Theory and Interconnections

Open Systems Theory The complex interconnections and interactions of a system are inseparable. The only way to study a system is to stress the system and observe how the system responds to stress. Organizations are analogous as such systems. What do you think?

Doing Business in Japan

Can you provide me some interesting facts and information about culture that would affect doing business in Japan?