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Business Management

Managing Workplace Safety and Health

Imagine that a growing regional chain of nursing homes with 1,300 total full- and part-time employees on all shifts has hired you as a consultant. They want you to help them develop workplace health and safety programs. What are the top priorities and steps that this organization should focus on as it develops its workplace hea

Distinguish Between Correlation, Simple, and Multiple Regression

See the attached file. 1. Distinguish between correlation, simple, and multiple regression analyses. Provide one example using the six-step hypotheses testing procedure. Start by providing a verbal and numerical description of the null and alternate hypotheses. You do not need to provide calculation. 2. What is a significa

Organizations and Environments: Synergy and Dependence

Outline a clear topic sentence and thesis. Environments shape organizations. In turn, organizations also shape the environments in which they interact. Organizations, in part, also choose which environments they enter and exit, choose which coalitions are most desirable, and determine the contexts in which they function. R

Discussion Questions: Essentials of College Writing

1. What did you learn about the process of applying the writing strategies and process? Cite specific examples? (least 200 words or more in length each question) * COMM/215 ESSENTIALS OF COLLEGE WRITING - presents the opportunity to review individual and team essays in order to understand and verbalize individual and team pro

Academic Case Study: Professional E-mail Creation

Read the scenarios below and select one (1) that is of interest to you. a. You worked very hard on your recent assignment but were not really confident in your final product. However, you did not think it was too bad so submitted it on time. When you checked the grade book for your grade, you were very disappointed and frust

conducting a job search

Identify four situations in a career where conducting a job search would be necessary. Describe what your job campaign would consist of.

Case Study

Two students are discussing the pros and cons of different measures of economic development. "GPA per capital" declares the first, "is the only true measure of how developed a country's economy is". The second student counters: "I disagree. The only true measure of a country's ecnomic development is its people's quality of life,

Stereotyping: Officer Earring

Stereotyping based upon physical characteristics or appearance is a basis for prejudice. As an arbitrator, give reasons to decide in favor of or against an officer's right to wear an earring. Explain your answer.

elements of a study plan; research

1. I need to identify the elements of a concept paper/study plan with references. 2. I need to know where the beginning researcher loses logical flow among elements in a study plan and why might this happen.

Group Dynamics

Explain how using group dynamics can aid in the change process and the process for working with different types of work teams in a planned change process. Provide an example, discuss how the group dynamics of teams can help leverage large scale system changes.

RCI's Orlando Business Development Team

SCENARIO RCI's Orlando Business Development team was recently recognized amongst the 2011 Best Companies To Work For in Florida list, ranking fourth in the large companies category. In honor of this outstanding accomplishment, the team has been awarded a $3500 budget to plan a celebratory day of onsite and/or offsite activities

Training Plan for the Sales Force and/or Front-Line Employees

Develop a training plan for the sales force and/or front-line employees in the Subway scenario based on below link. Include the following in your plan: - Identify the specific training needs for the team. - List the main components of your training program.

structured interview

Describe the structured interview, noting characteristics that improve upon the shortcomings of unstructured interviews.

Affirmative action and Discrimination

Do affirmative action programs help to prevent discrimination? Why or why not? If you were designing an effective affirmative action program what elements would you include?

Product Positioning Map

The Strategic Case is an analysis of the company KRISPY KREME DONUTS 1. Create a Product Positioning Map -for the positioning map Krispy Kreme's main competitors are Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks 2. Evaluation of strategies and objectives to achieve most favorable market position (2 paragraphs or more) 3. Description

CPI and a basket of goods

We hear all the time about inflation and this thing called the CPI... So, what is the CPI and a basket of goods? Would you expect the same salary to work in each of these different cities: Denver, San Francisco, New York or Portland? If not, please explain, think about the different things that you consume on a daily or


1. Assume you were joining a company as a new employee. What steps would you take to determine the source of power within the organization? Of French and Raven's five forms of power, which do you consider the most important source of power and why? How would you use this information for your benefit in performing the duties of

This post addresses common errors to implementing change.

Class, common errors that managers and leaders must be conscious to deliberately address early in implementing change pertains to: - Allowing too much complacency or downtime around the change. - Not organizing a powerful, influential change coalition. - Minimizing the power of establishing and communicating a change vision

Budget Changes, Body Language, External/Internal Environments

In this current business environment, it is not uncommon for people to lose their jobs. Most of the time, job loss is not the result of poor performance. Therefore, as a way for Capella University to continue to help you further your career, you are to list at least ten signs that indicate you are about to lose your job. Conside