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Techniques in Job Hunting: How Can I Find a Job?

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The prospect of searching for a job can be very intimidating. What techniques have you used in the past when you were job hunting? Which ones were most effective? Least effective? What do you attribute their effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) to?

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When I was younger my mom said put in as many applications as you possibly can. She even went as far as going up one side of the street stopping at every fast food restaurant while I would race inside, get an application, return to the car, complete the application, then run it back inside and basically go to the next and so on and so forth, then cross the street and go down the other side doing the same thing. She, like many, believed that the best way to find a new job is to apply for as many jobs with as many employers as you possibly can and surely one of those would hire or at least call you for an interview. This logic is essentially flawed and inaccurate. Really good job searches focus on specifics such as job and employer. Now that I have been in the HR field for some time I recognize that an employer is looking for a specific employee with qualifications and even accomplishments, not someone who is marginally qualified. So, my advice now would be to not waste your time on the 'scattershot' (Hansen & ...

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Career development: penetrate the Hidden Job Market

A variety of sources estimate that perhaps 85% of all job openings are not advertised online or in the newspapers. This helps lend credibility to the statement "It is not what you know but who you know". With this in mind it is necessary for job seekers to develop a plan to penetrate the hidden job market and open themselves up to a wider array of opportunities.

1. Click here to go to the Job-Hunt.org website and read about ways you can penetrate the Hidden Job Market.

2. Submit the following:
a. Utilizing the ideas presented of "Push", "Pull", and "Maintain" and integrating internet/library research develop your own personal strategy to find unadvertised opportunities. You must present at least two solid ideas in each area. 500-750 words.
b. "Maintain" promotes the establishment and usage of your network of contacts to tap into the Hidden Job Market. Submit the following information about five people in your network:
i. Names
ii. How you know them
iii. How they can help you tap into the Hidden Job Market

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