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Business Management

Why distribution centers are relocating to second tier interior cities.

Describe the reasons many distribution centers are relocating to second tier interior cities. Assess the advantages and disadvantages these interior cities have relative to access to U.S. markets and to international supply chains. Sowinski, Lara L. (2007, Aug) Site Selection Focuses on Second-Tier Markets. World Trad

Conduct a phone or personal interview with a Training Manager

Conduct a phone or personal interview with a Training Manager. Ask them to describe the role that training and development plays in their company utilizing the following questions: Who conducts the training and how often is it delivered? Who receives the training in the organization and what are the topics? What

Job Enrichment: Increasing Job Satisfaction

Read the article "Job Enrichment: Increasing Job Satisfaction" and complete the questions below. 1.Of the five factors of job design, which do you believe is most important and why? Be specific with identifying the factor and explaining your answer. 2.Think back to a job you have had in the past or the job you currently h

Organizational Management: Decision Making Conditions

Could you please help me get started on paper based on this topic: Based on the principles of organizational management techniques, describe and explain how the conditions, under which decisions are made, have changed for managers in the last 30 years. Are more decisions today likely to be programmed or non-programmed? Explai

Comfort Zone

I need your opinion on the following questions: 1.Think of a situation in your past where you may have been intimidated by another person, whether it is at home, work, or school. Why did you feel intimidated by this person? 2.Do you still feel intimidated by this person? Why or why not? 3.Describe a situation in which you

Public administrators and politics

Many scholars today have derided the fact that partisanship has polarized the political landscape. Do you believe that non-elected public administrators have also been affected by the partisanship reflected in national politics? Do you believe that public administrators should be partisan? Is it realistic to expect that public a

Left and right brain solution

In the book 'A class With Drucker " Cohen (p.63) describes two approaches to problem solving; one is the Left Brain Solution and the other a Right-Brain Solution. What are the differences and similarities in the two approaches? Discuss which one appeals to you the most and how that preference might affect your decision-making as

Number of Bags of Popcorn that Must Be Sold per Day

The college of Business is trying to decide whether to operate a popcorn wagon that will be used to make popcorn to sell between classes in the lobby of Schneider Hall. The popcorn wagon itself would be leased from a local food service company for $2.00 per day. The materials cost (kernels and oil) to pop a batch of fresh popcor

Stopping a process for strategic management, and goals.

From this statement, The role sequence execution plays is to know where change should begin, how does the sequence affect success, and if there were reasonable stopping points, it triggered a question. What kind of signs do you think companies should follow (or when) in terms of stopping a process for strategic management (atte

An Important Life Decision

1. What was an important decision that you made that had significant effects on your life? 2. What have been the main advantages and disadvantages derived from this decision? 3. Every decision to do something is also a decision not to do other things. What did your decision keep you from doing? 4. Considering both the advanta

Cluster Multivariate Technique

Explain the Cluster analysis, how it is different factor analysis and multi-dimensional scaling? Name a real-life company has used the Cluster analysis technique to address a business problem and how might that same technique be used at your own organization?

Big City Sports

Professional sports and big-league cities go hand in hand. Hosting a professional sports franchise is evidence that a city has arrived per-se - that is not simply a large city but a major league city. Moreover, acquiring or retaining professional sports teams has become important in local economic development plans. From your pe

Economy management

Do you believe government efforts to manage the economy usually make things better or worse?

Training and Development in the Workplace

I need some help with the following questions: 1. What are employee oriented styles? 2. What are the specific problems that are associated with development of executives, and why does coaching seem to deal with these problems?

Terms for Linear Optimization

Explain the following terms: optimization, objective function, optimal solution, constraint, constraint function, feasible solution, and binding constraint.

Miscommunication Types in Organization

In every single type of organization, especially a health care organization, communication is extremely important and the necessity for communication to be correctly transmitted and received is vitally important. Miscommunication can lead to wasted time and money. What we need here is clear effective honest communication? In the

Strategic Decision Support

Why is strategic decision support an essential competitive resource for healthcare organizations. Include examples of healthcare organizations use of the system.

Quick Case Study

Read case study 11-1 (attached). Read that not all teams are created equal. Provide your thoughts on the following questions. How is Public Service Works implementing the components of the performance management process? Which aspects of the measurement system are appropriate and which are not, given the emphasis on team per

Management in Pairs

Apply the extreme programming concept of pair programming to management. What might be the effect of asking managers to work in pairs? Could pair management have particular effectiveness for distributed teams as compared to co-located teams?

Capacity Planning

A process currently services an average of 50 customers per day. Observations in recent weeks show that its utilization is about 90 percent, allowing for just a 10 percent capacity cushion. If demand is expected to be 75 percent of the current level in five years and management wants to have a capacity cushion of just 5 percent,

Operations Management

An airline company must plan its fleet capacity and its long-term schedule of aircraft usage. For one flight segment, the average number of customers per day is 70, which represents a 65 percent utilization rate of the equipment assigned to the flight segment. If demand is expected to increase to 84 customers for this flight seg

Gain and Profit-sharing plans

The CEO of your organization stops you in the hallway and inquires about gain-sharing. It is clear to you that he is mixing up gain-sharing and profit-sharing concepts. You suggest that you meet with him tomorrow to go over the basics of gain-sharing and profit-sharing plans. Briefly describe what gain-sharing and profit-sha

Model decisions involving uncertainty

Please help answer the following question. Can you describe how to model decisions involving uncertainty? Discuss the various strategies and please also include examples in the solution.

What They Don't Know Won't Hurt Them

What They Don't Know Won't Hurt Them During my last two years in college, I worked for animal hospital in my hometown. In my time there, many animals passed away in their sleep or four unknown reasons. It was not uncommon. In the situation, our facility would offer the owners the service of an autopsy. An autopsy is a procedu

Contemporary Business

Discuss how your perspective of business has changed as a result of the knowledge gained from this course. As Bill Gates once said: My success, part of it certainly, is that I focused in on a few things. Looking ahead, speculate what the pending issues in business will be 15 years from today. Based upon your answer to the p

Johnson and Johnson's Tylenol Response Is the Gold Standard in Crisis Management

Johnson and Johnson's Tylenol Response Is the Gold Standard in Crisis Management The 1982 the Tylenol poisonings was the case that put "crisis management" into the permanent management lexicon. The facts are legendary. In the fall of 1982, a murderer added 65 mg of cyanide to some Tylenol capsules while they were on store she