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    Red Bull and Monster

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    1. What is it about Monster's logo that makes it effective?
    2. How can good packaging help a product?
    3. Why is labeling an important part of the packaging for energy drinks like Monster?


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    First and foremost before I get to the actual questions, let us be reminded that in terms of market share Red Bull is still the most popular energy drink on the market. Also the fact that Monster has bigger cans means in terms of ROI (return on investment) Red Bull makes more per can sold than monster. Even though they have a smaller can, their price per can is in some markets more expensive than Monster which is twice as big. Also bear in mind that the Red Bull parent company is a family owned entity not answerable to shareholders, they keep all their profits. The comparison between the two is like a Porsche and a Hummer; it all boils down to style. That being said let us get to the questions at hand:

    Question 1: What is it about Monsters logo that makes it so effective?

    Answer: Monsters logo is visually attractive, not in the sense of beauty but in the fact that it stands out - it is loud and it calls out to the consumer. A person shopping cannot help but to notice it and that is a significant aspect of consumer behavior, as it ...

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    The solution discusses why energy drink logos like Monster can make it effective product.