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Business Management

Empowered Employees

Describe the concept of empowered employees. Would these employees be able to assist safety in maintaining a safe workplace? Describe why or why not.

Earnings and Profits

Can current earnings and profits or accumulated earning and profits be negative? Please provide reference.

Companies' Electronic Training

Discuss how companies like Mr. Lube, Aeronett Technologies, Marriott, and Durcell use electronic training within their organizations, using the attached JPG files for further information on each of these companies. See the attachments.

The Effectiveness of Electronic Training

Hi, I need to write a response in which I am saying that I own a company which uses electronic training and I need to discuss how it has been effective. I am not sure how to approach this.

Measures of Association

I need to work out the following problem using a measure of association. A research team conducted a study of soft-drink preferences of a test market prior to an advertising campaign for a new cola product. The participants are 130 teens and 130 adults. Results of study: - 50 of the teens preferred cola and 80 prefer non-co

Formal and Informal Groups

What are the differences between formal and informal groups? Why should managers pay attention to informal groups?

Case Study: The Overpaid Banktellers

1. If you were on the bank's HR Committee, what would you do regarding raises for the tellers? 2. How much faith should the HR Committee place in the accuracy of the wage survey? 3. Critique the bank's policy of giving merit raises which range from 0 to 12 percent, depending on job performance. 4. Critique the bank's policy o

Case Study: Selecting Patient Escorts

1. Critique each of the alternative approaches suggested for solving the problem of selecting patient escorts. 2. Recommend a procedure for recruiting and hiring patient escorts. 3. Besides improving its selection procedures, what other actions could the hospital potentially take to improve the behavior of the patient escorts?

Pay Secrecy

What are you views on "pay secrecy"? How much do you think employees should be told about how their pay is determined?

Projact Manager - Procurement Management

Project procurement management is a knowledge area that involves selecting sellers (vendors), negotiating their terms, and managing the ongoing relationships with them. Sometimes those activities are conducted by the project manager; other times they are completed by a purchasing department or higher-level manager. Write 750-

What is the relationship between integrity and repeat business?

Ethics and Consumer Loyalty: One of the key reasons businesses work to maintain excellent ethical practices in selling is to protect relationships with repeat business. What do you feel is the correlation between repeat business and the image of integrity? How does this effect referrals for new sales?

Self-Managing Team

Please define self-managing teams and identify three of the five tasks for which a true self-managing team is responsible.

Sales Force Management

1. A petroleum firm with a sales force of 300 people planned to sell its fleet of company-owned automobiles and have the salespeople use their own cars instead. What problems are involved in this change? What actions should the petroleum firm take to address them? 200 word 2. As a sales manager for HighRising Company, Rocky F

Health Care Case Study: Expanding Outpatient Surgery Services

Case Study: Although there has been a strong demand for outpatient surgery services during the past year, the ambulatory director has not increased the volume of patients scheduled for services. After receiving complaints from physicians that it takes too long to schedule patients for surgery, the hospital administrator has dec

Two-Way Tables

I need help answering the following questions? Suppose I need to prepare two-way tables of percentages for the following pair of variables. How would you run the percentages? A Age and consumption of breakfast cereal B Family income and confidence about family future C Martial Status and sports participation D Crime Rat

Network Diagram (AON)

Please see attached table. 1. Draw the network diagram (AON) showing the early start, late start, early finish and late finish times. 2. Determine the paths and show the critical path. 3. What is the slack time of each activity?

Business definitions

Find a business definition with an example for each: Account Balance Reconcile Depreciation Accumulated Audit Cross reference Merchandising business Manufacturing business

Operations Management Exercise: PERT/CPM Problem

Here is a CPM network with activity times noted in weeks: G(3) E(4) B(5) A(7) F(8) C(6) D(6) a. Determine the critical path. b. How many weeks will the project take to complete? c. Suppose F could be shortened by two weeks and B by one week. How would this affect the completion date?