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    Researching current conditions in a country

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    Potential audience: Your primary reader will be the company CEO, who is somewhat detail-oriented and is very focused on the company's goals. The CEO is somewhat of a stickler about needing reliable and current information for decision making. (Primary audience definition: the primary audience will decide whether to accept your recommendations or act on the basis of your message. You must reach the primary audience to fulfill your purposes in any message.)

    Background and Scenario: Assume that your employer, a North American company with approximately 300 employees, will soon begin doing business in a specific foreign country, and that 25 employees, including you, may be transferred there. The CEO has asked you to conduct research on the current conditions in that country, and report your findings in a memo to him.

    Please help I have to write 7 pages. NOTE: What I am asking is NOT for you to write my assignment at all but for help with ideas.

    Thank you!

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    You can select a country such as India and then start describing the social, political and cultural situation in the country. The political situation can cover areas like stability in government, government's attitude towards foreign businesses and specifically businesses from USA, export-import and foreign direct ...