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    Management of a Sales Force- Baby Foods

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    Please help me with the following tasks.
    1. "Let's face it. Our product is no different from that of 20 other competitors. It sells for the same price and for the same terms. We all give the same service. It really doesn't matter to the buyer which of us gets the order. So the only way we can get an edge is through our aggressive entertainment and gift program. We work hard at making our buyers happy with us. They enjoy doing business with us." Do you see any ethical problems involved here? What possible consequences are there to the company? What would you do differently, if anything?

    2. As a sales manager for a baby food company, you want to evaluate the ability of your representatives to obtain good shelf space in grocery stores. How would you do this? Before implementing this process, you call a meeting of your representatives to explain your evaluation process to them. What would you say?

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    There are several ethical problems in this situation. The company has a product that is very similar to the competition and sells for the same price and at the same terms. The quote states that all the companies give the same service so companies don't care who takes the order. One of the ethical concerns is that this particular company focuses on aggressive entertainment and gift giving. Depending on the situation, and all of the particulars surrounding the gift giving, this could be considered a bribe. Depending on the context of the bribe or gift, this could be illegal. Illegality does not always mean that something ...

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