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Baby Boomers and Market Forecasts

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Discuss: When the first baby boomers hit retirement, what types of information would assist you in forecasting market potential and future demand for products and services of this emerging "maturity market?"

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"Baby boomer" is a term used to depict persons who were born between the years of 1946 and 1964. In the period of the 2nd World War, countries experienced a remarkable raise in their birth rates; this happening is normally known as the baby boom. The first Baby Boomer will hit retirement age in the year 2011 (Welcome to Cafe Baby Boomers, 2008).

Forecasting is a systematic attempt to predict the future by interference from known facts. According to Henry Fayol, forecasting means both to assess the future and ...

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In about 290 words this solution discusses the baby boomer concept. This response highlights how this concept is related to financial markets and formulating future predictions about market potential. Three references are also provided for further information on this topic.