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    Contribution of Knowledge

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    1. Discuss the contribution of knowledge to effective operations of corporations, to gain advantage in this competitive global environment? Defend your discussion with Examples?

    2. How development and production of products help organizational to be successful in the global marketing arena? Provide Examples?

    3. What kind of laws does U.S. have? And how does that affect global business in comparison to the laws in Japan?

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    1. The contribution of knowledge to effective operations of corporations to gain advantage in this global competitive environment is to substantially reduce costs, provide the potential to expand, and improve its products. For example, knowledge relating to cost reduction remains with the corporation and can be accessed whenever required. Knowledge in corporations includes records of past problem solving. This means the corporation does not have to solve the problem again and can respond faster. For example, when the corporation is expanding in a foreign market, it can access knowledge and experience relating to that foreign market and repeat the steps once more. This speeds up the expansion process. Corporations gain competitive advantage by helping customers better, increasing customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty through knowledge ...

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