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Business Management

discussion on theory of constraints

Can you comment on below discussion: "For example, weakness among employees to fully understand and contribute to a process due to lack of education or training can become a constraint in terms of completing the process successfully. " A:You struck a chord with me on above, in the lack of education or training component. Whil

The 3 Golden Rules of Communicating by Email

- List and explain your "3 Golden Rules" regarding email in a professional context. - What specific components would you caution your subordinates to avoid in their own email communication? - How would your answers for Items 1 & 2 differ if the context was graduate school or personal context? Explain your position.

Ohori's Coffee case study

Once considered a commodity product, many small boutique coffee companies are luring customers with promises of high quality and unique flavors. How do the processes used by the small companies compare with those of the major coffee processors? Coffee producers purchase green coffee beans, which have been processed through sever

Information Systems: How Personal and Work Life Differ Due to Networks.

In your words,Think about how your personal and work life is different due to networks. In 4-5 paragraphs, answer the following: What role has networking played in our personal and professional life? Why are network standards important? Explain how network standards define your network. Create a homogeneous environment th

Building a Regression Model as a Screening Tool

You are on the admissions board of a university, in charge of creating a screening process that will predict academic success (university grade point average (GPA)) for newly entering freshman. At your disposal is a variety of data from hundreds of current university students including: - High School GPA - SAT score (from h

Tips for Trainers: Comparing Methods Conduct a search of the Internet to identify tips for trainers in dealing with difficult trainees. Compare the types you find with the types identified in the text. If different, compare those you found with those in the text and offer an explanation as to why you think they were not included. If types are similar, compare how the text and Internet site suggest handling these types, noting any differences and explaining which method you prefer.

Conduct a search of the Internet to identify tips for trainers in dealing with difficult trainees. Compare the types you find with the types identified in the text. If different, compare those you found with those in the text and offer an explanation as to why you think they were not included. If types are similar, compare how t

Enterprise Risk Management

A comparative analysis of COSO I and II Vs. Basel I and II. How does Enterprise Risk Management relate to Basel Capital Accord?

Operations Management and Productivity

For the session long project, we will analyze the different OM perspective of an organization. FedEx is the company in which I need to work with. For SLP 1, identify the following by writing a paper (with paragraphs, including an introductory, body, and concluding section): 1) The organization's name and main line of b

Reorganization and accompanying change impacts in organizations

Now that you have given your team and management an overview of the reorganization and accompanying change impacts, you need to prepare your team to help manage the change. Using the Library, other materials, and credible Internet sources, find three models of change and discuss their advantages and disadvantages in relation to

Weaknesses are defined as constraints

How does below theory apply to your current or most recent employer? "Weaknesses are defined as constraints because they block the ability of the organization to achieve certain goals and objectives. In other words, if weaknesses or weak links exists within a process or task, that weakness becomes a constraint in terms of pro

All About Quantitative Reasoning for Business

Simultaneous equations are a set of equations containing multiple variables. What are two examples of how simultaneous equations are used in business? What are some of the different ways you can satisfy these equations?

Learning Technologies and Styles Comparison

Compare either a study of learning technologies validity or learning styles and technology obtained from either the web or professional journals published in 2007 or later. Technology in Learning Technology in learning is a broad topic. Really the topic can be a class in itself instead of one week. How does technology impact

Tools to Navigate Change

What is your reaction to change in your personal history? What personal tools do you implement to help yourself navigate change?

Operations Management: Oakwood Outpatient Clinic

Oakwood Outpatient Clinic is analyzing its operation in an effort to improve performance. The clinic estimates that a patient spends on average 3.5 hours at the facility. The amount of time the patient is in contact with staff (i.e., physicians, nurses, office staff, lab technicians) is estimated at 40 minutes. On average the fa

Standardized Work Instructions

What are standardized work instructions? Comment on some of the characteristics that effective standardized work instructions have and the benefits that organizations can enjoy by implementing them after close of a project. Provide an example.

Tell-Tale Signs of When your Budget is in Jeopardy

In order to organize and plan a project effectively, project managers use a work breakdown structure (WBS). It also helps control project costs and ensures accurate monitoring. How do you see the WBS and budgeting/monitoring complimenting each other?

Managing Risk for a Publicly Traded Company

If you work for a publicly traded company, download the company's annual report. If you don't work for a publicly traded company, download the annual report of one of your favorite products (e.g. Apple or Dell). Search through the report and look for the section regarding "Managing risk" (it may be under a different name, but it

Are Satisfied Workers Productive Workers?

Assume you are new to your job and on the first day you have a conversation with your boss, who says, "Satisfied workers are productive workers." Do you agree with her statement? Why? Why not?

Write a personal statement to be read by a college admission

When deciding which students to admit, colleges consider many factors about each student. After all, colleges are interested in building a student body that is academically curious, but also diverse and actively engaged in a range of productive, creative activities. Write a personal statement to be read by a college admission

Recruiting an Effective Workforce

1. Are long term incentives important to recruit and retain an effective workforce? Why or why not? 2. Why or why not should executives receive the amounts of pay they currently receive? Is it excessive or necessary to recruit the necessary talent to run major organizations?

States as Policy Laboratories

It has often been noted by scholars that the fifty states are policy laboratories that craft and implement public policies that are very specific and relevant to their state populations. In many cases, these experiments sometimes rise to the level of becoming a national policy because Congress will use them as model legislation.

Are States Beholden to Washington?

Do you believe that Washington has taken the lead in policy creation and implementation? Do you think that states are, in practice, beholden to Washington because of the funding that they depend upon from the central government? Or, on the contrary, do you think that the states maintain a great deal of power and autonomy in our

Managing Risks in Subcontracting

There is a puzzle in regard to risk. What is management's responsibility regarding risk? At what level(s) does each aspect of risk management lie? How does this changing risk change the relationship of sub-contractors? How might they add or subtract from risk?

Remote and Environmental Risk

How might new environmental risk requirements impact business in the future? When reviewing risk, does one need to consider even remote risk if there is a potential high cost or negative ramification?