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    Discuss different methods for cost effective evaluations

    Over 200 word essay with reference that defines, discuss, and provide examples of cost effectiveness evaluation, cost/benefit evaluation, cost saving analysis, and utility analysis for methods of evaluating the costs of training for the organization.

    Different types of questioning when training

    Over 200 word essay with reference that discuss some different types of questioning and when each should be used when instructing. Additionally, discuss how this generates two way communication in a classroom environment.

    Benefits Management

    I want an explanation on the following two questions regarding the latest changes in HR Benefits and politics from the past year and into next year. I need help with an explanation of what the impact of the health care changes in 2012 and 2013 are and how that will impact the workforce and companies' bottom line. The more in-de

    Practical Financial Management

    1. Contrast sources and uses of cash referencing using at least two examples of assets and liabilities (four total). Provide examples of how cash is used or provided depending on whether it is categorized as an asset or liability. 2. Differentiate between the different users of financial information, their needs and sources

    Market management

    I need at least 150 words for each question. 1. How does the strategic marketing process relate to the strategic planning process? Is it necessary that the marketing strategy be linked to corporate strategy? Why or why not? 2. Do you think social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs can be used to enhance an organ

    Job Satisfaction Methods

    Datotel is a St. Louis company whose name explains what it does. The name combines the word data with the word hotel, and it uses its computers to safely store backups of its client companies' data. It's a fast-growing business, and for founder David Brown, one important challenge has been making sure employees know the company

    Find the BEP and total profit in the given situation.

    RAZ, Inc. is considering launching a project for a 1 week sale of their patented golf clubs on The Home Shopping Network. They have decided if they can make at least a $1,000 return on the Fixed Costs of $10,000, they will launch the sale. Your marketing research predicted that total sales, at the $10.00 per unit price, would b

    Macroeconomics: Spring Break Trip Opportunity Cost

    You can either spend spring break working at home in Alabama for $100 a day for five days, or you can spend the week in Costa Rica where travel expenses will total $800 (food, hotel, and a plane ticket.) What is the opportunity cost of the trip to Costa Rica? Explain how you determined your answer.

    Organization Values

    1. Why is it that an organization's values and norms can become too strong and lead to unethical behavior? 2. What steps can a company take to prevent this problem - to stop its values and norms from becoming so inwardly focused that managers and employees lose sight of their responsibility to their stakeholders?

    High Performing and Low Performing Organizations

    Identify an organization that you believe is high performing and one that you believe is low performing. Give five reasons why you think the performance levels of the two organizations differ so much.

    Accidental sharing of information

    Accidental sharing of information can occur to anyone and unintentionally. Should staff be permitted to carry protected patient information on their personal computing devices? (Laptops, phones, etc)? How can data be lost if kept on a personal device? (Answer provided in approximately 100 words.)

    Protection of Log-in Credentials and Passwords

    Your log-in credentials and password are actually your signature and therefore should be protected. What are the consequences for 'sharing' log in credentials? Are there consequences for physicians who share their password / log-in username?

    Operations Management - Which came first?

    Anyone who has looked under the hood of a car has a good impression of the tasks of operations management. Consider all of the equipment that is crammed into that relatively small space. This raises some interesting questions. Was the space designed first and then all of the equipment (engine, battery, etc.) designed to fi

    Job Description - How current and accurate are they?

    If you had to make a guess, what percentage of your job description do you actually do on a daily basis? This question is not intended to judge you, but rather to question job descriptions and just how current and accurate they are.

    Targeted Recruitment Systems

    Many organizations adopt a targeted recruitment strategy. For example, some organizations have targeted workers 50 years of age and older in their recruitment efforts, which includes advertising specifically in media outlets frequented by older individuals. Other organizations tailor recruitment messages for women, minorities, o

    Portfolio Management Presentation

    You realize that your project management techniques are already instrumental in helping this project be successful, and you anticipate being asked to lead several new projects. Your thoughts turn to information technology portfolio management, a major trend in IT project management. Using the library, find and read articles o

    Dynamic Managers

    One "skill" that has been mentioned several times during this course is the need for us to be "flexible" in dealing with day-to-day operations. But, as a general rule, most of us prefer structure and order in our daily tasks - and we are not happy when someone we depend on tends to be "flexible." How to we balance these to

    Business Research Terms and Concepts

    Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts Which type of research designâ?" exploratory, descriptive, or causalâ?"is appropriate for the following examples? Explain why. - The goal of this research is to discover the real nature of the problem and to suggest new possible solutions or new ideas. - A food manufac

    Concepts in the field of Public Administration

    I am so lost. I just cannot get a grasp of what is expected of me and I cannot understand what is needed. Can someone help explain what is needed for this paper in simplified terms? I need to get this done fast, any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you One of the most important aspects in the study of public admin

    Negotiation - Coalitions and Multiple Parties

    Q1. What are ways to deal with opposing groups who have more power or leverage? Q2. Compare and contrast the central route to influence vs. the peripheral route to influence. When is each appropriate? Give an example where you have seen or used each. Q3. What is the difference between coalitions and multiple parties? How d

    Policies causing problems for certain groups

    Dye (2010) stated "Policies that solve the problems of one group in society may create problems for other groups." Present one policy specifically targeted towards one group in society that created issues for other groups. (Answer provided in approximately 100 words.)

    Environment Crisis or Hype for the Market

    Global warming is a topic that has been on the news. In your own words, do you believe that there really is an environmental crisis or do you believe that there is "hype" to create demand and profits in certain markets? Support your answer with at least three reasons. 200 words.

    Training Designer

    You are a training designer for a consulting firm and your supervisor has given you the following assignment: training customer service skills for 15 newly hired call center representatives, between the ages of 19-30. Discuss what considerations are important in how you design the training. What approach will you suggest to

    Personal Assessment Tip Sheet

    Tip Sheet Preparation I just need assistance putting this together this makes no sense to me at all. I am not asking for the assignment to be done or the essay. You helped me with the first part know I just need assistance putting it together • List what you do poorly • Provide suggestions for how to improve •