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    Public Policy Lifecycle

    Explain the Public Policy Life cycle utilizing a public policy you have become familiar with. Discuss how the importance of developing a viable Policy Adoption and what policy makers need to consider when adopting new or amending existing policies.

    Decision and Retention Management

    Downsizing and Retention Management Despite the objective to retain quality employees, many organizations find they need to lay off workers at all levels of the organization. Sometimes, the downsizing, or Reduction in Force (RIF), can have an undesirable impact on employees who remain within the organization. The primary g

    PowerPoint Presentation Creation for Staff Training

    Create a PowerPoint presentation with 5 slides - 1 intro, 3 content and 1 conclusion - on a topic that you might do at work. It might be a short training presentation, a sales presentation, a presentation trying to convince management of your proposal, etc. Put the exact text of your talk in the "Notes" section. Once you have cr

    Tree Diagrams and Normal Curves

    1. Suppose that a couple will have three children. Letting B denote a boy and G denote a girl: a) Draw a tree diagram depicting the sample space outcomes for this experiment. b) List the sample space outcomes that correspond to each of the following events: 1. All three children will have the same gender 2. Exactly two o

    Creating a risk management plan

    Discuss some of the inputs to the risk management plan and explain their value in identifying risks and creating the risk management plan. * This question is not for a company. This is a general question which I am having difficulty with

    "Hardball" Tactics in Negotiation

    Q1. What are "hardball" tactics? How do you deal with them? Give an example of one you have observed. Q2. What are the criteria used for evaluating possible solutions? Give an example of how you observed the criteria properly used or how it was not used. Q3. Compare and contrast the three active-engagement strategies. Give

    Issues with Training and Expectations

    Read attached document first. Consider the scenario of Fred the Training Consultant. Several potential solutions were provided to address the issues in manufacturing at the plastic container business. Now it is your turn to weigh in on the issues in the customer service or sales departments. Choose EITHER customer service

    Senior Training Consultant

    Suppose you are a Senior Training Consultant called in to assist a more junior colleague who is responsible for an important training session. Discuss what types of evidence and information you would look for to determine whether a needs analysis had been properly and thoroughly conducted. What would you wish to see and what wou

    Case Study: Designing and evaluating a new employee training program at Ryan Door

    Reinventing the Wheel at Ryan Door Company Jack Ryan, CEO of Ryan Doors, has a problem. No matter how often he tells his employees how to do their jobs, they invariably "decide to do it their way," as he puts it, and arguments ensure between Jack, the employee, and the employee's supervisor. One example is the door-design dep

    Writing a Recommendation Letter

    Audience: Harvard Business School Admissions Committee Assignment: Write a recommendation letter for Ms. Susan Fishburn's admission to the Harvard Business School MBA program. You have worked with Ms. Fishburn at the Bank of America for the past several years in the department of consumer affairs. Ms. Fishburn has decided to

    Importance of Listening

    Discuss the importance of listening. In your opinion, has our fast paced society impacted our ability to listen? Explain and support your answer.

    Forecasting and Forecasting Errors in Business

    Should your division be using moving average, weighted average, or exponential smoothing in forecasting calculations? Why? What are some sources of forecast errors? What is a control chart, and what is the benefit to using them for forecasting errors? What are aggregate capacity requirements, and how could they be applied?

    Living Wills

    People who currently work in a health care setting understand the importance of asking patient's about a living will or advanced directive. However, unless this document is included in a patient's chart, what is the legal standing from the professional nurse's perspective? When does the law concerning a living will or advanced d

    Materials Requirement Analysis and Planning

    Discuss ways the company you researched could benefit (or more likely already is benefiting) from robust materials requirement planning. Provide specific examples to support your response.

    Model for 'Budgeting' Staff to Provide the Best Service

    A service itself cannot be inventoried since you can't have a warehouse full of haircuts or massages. So, the service itself depends on staff to meet demand - and this leads to a decision on how to "staff up". This depends on the skills and capabilities of the staff. You could plan to have two of your best people or three of

    Problems Encountered with Aggregate Planning

    One of the problems encountered with aggregate planning is the potential for products competing with each other. In years past, General Motors ran into the problem of one product line competing with another - for example, a Chevrolet Pickup competing with a GMC Pickup in which case one product line actually damages the sales

    Are appraisal systems necessary?

    Do you think that with an effective performance management program an appraisal system is necessary? What arguments would you make in support of doing an appraisal in addition to the ongoing management?

    Measuring Job Productivity

    How you would measure productivity in a job or task? (You write some software as a software developer.) Al Bundy might say, "I sold shoes and had a few productivity measures: Shoes sold / hours paid. We also measured sales dollars divided by cost of labor; Sales divided by # of employees; Specific employees were measured by divi

    Calculating Productivity

    Please see attached. Two workers have the same job assembling units for shipment to customers. The first worker can assemble 100 units in 3 hours. The second worker can assemble 85 units in 2 hours. Which worker is more productive? Worker Input Output Productivity 1 3 100 33.33333333 2 2 85 42.5

    Construct a decision tree to help Expando make the best decision.

    Expando, Inc, is considering the possibility of building an additional factory that would produce a new addition to its product line. The company is currently considering two options. The first is a small facility that it could build at a cost of $6 million. If demand for new products is low, the company expects to receive $10 m

    Learning Curves

    Lambda Computer Products competed for and won a contract to produce two prototype units of a new type of computer that is based on optics using lasers rather than on electronic binary bits. The first unit produced by Lambda took 5,000 hours to produce and required $250,000 worth of materials, equipment usage and supplies. The se

    Top Training Organizations

    Microsoft, Verizon, United States Navy and Farmers Insurance are the best of the best training organizations, according to Training Magazine (see the below for a link). Choose one of these companies, visit their website and describe how integrity and ethics play a role in their training program. Be sure to address the follow


    Hello, I would appreciate assistance with the following question: Explain e-governance and assess its relationship to public administration. Please provide references used. Thanks.