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    Benefits Management

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    I want an explanation on the following two questions regarding the latest changes in HR Benefits and politics from the past year and into next year. I need help with an explanation of what the impact of the health care changes in 2012 and 2013 are and how that will impact the workforce and companies' bottom line. The more in-depth the answer the better so that I can understand this, thanks.

    1) What changes in healthcare (re: the new health care law) were incorporated in 2012 and are scheduled to be implemented in 2013?

    2) And what will be the likely effect on costs and perceived value of these changes for employees and companies?

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    1) The changes in healthcare that were incorporated in 2012 and are scheduled to be implemented in 2013 are to increase the number of Americans that receive preventive care. Medicaid programs that cover preventive services will get new funding.
    The law requires that states pay primary physicians no less than 100% of Medicare payment rates. This increase is funded by federal government.
    There is a national program for Medicare on payment bundling to encourage doctors, hospitals, and other care providers to better coordinate patient care.
    The threshold for claiming medical expenses on itemized tax returns has been increased from 7.5% to 10% of gross ...

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