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    Hall-way chats are an inefficiency when it comes to operations management

    One of the things that is often overlooked is the fact that what we perceive as "day-to-day business" is indeed operations management. Looking at it this way, it usually becomes obvious how much waste there is in "day-to-day business" - hallway chats, non-business phone calls, etc. Are these activities something that shoul

    Public Administration, the Citizen, and the Consumer

    Hello, I need assistance with the following questions: 1. Describe how your attitude toward public administration and public administrators has changed. If it has not changed, explain why. 2. Speculate on how the course might affect your career or career plans. 3. Will the course cause you to change how you interact with pu

    Distributive and Integrative Negotiations

    1) Discuss the two different types of negotiation, along with their preparation, strategies, and tactics. In preparation for development and implementation of a strategic supplier alliance which of these types would be most useful? 2) Framing is generally considered the determination of what issues are at stake in a negotia

    Motivators Importance to Happiness

    1. For you to be able to do anything in life, what are your internal and external motivators? 2. When is each of these motivators more important? 3. Overall, which is the most important motivator? 4. The research concludes that there is a relationship between happiness and motivators. Why is this so?

    Public Administration Careers

    Hello, I would appreciate assistance with the following questions: 1. Describe the most appealing part of the public administration career. 2. Describe the least appealing part of the public administration career. 3. Explain how the public's perspective on public administration careers in general has changed. Thank

    Performance Management System Development

    The Hotel Ole's competitive strategy is "to use superior guest service to increase the length of stay and return rate of guests, and boost revenues, and profitability.". HRD Director Sue Smith knows that the Hotel Ole's performance evaluation system is archaic. When the owners started their first hotel many years ago, they went

    Concepts and Constructs

    I need help with my business research methods class. I have to come up with a scenario and then create constructs and constraints for the scenario. Then I have to explain how they relate to an explanatory hypothesis. My scenario is that female reps are having lower customer defections than the male sales reps. I don't truly un

    Discussing Long-Term Care Insurance

    Discuss: Long-term care insurance will be needed by an increasing number of Americans in the next few decades. But why isn't it popular now? Are there any problems with the current U.S. system with delivering long-term care? What are they? What is the purpose of long-term care insurance?

    Code of Conduct - Change Management Plan

    The senior executive team, the Ethics Review Committee, and the board of directors are concerned about successful implementation of the code of conduct that you are developing for ECG. There has been little focus in the past on widely communicated and consistent ethical standards due to a focus on the company's growth and the as

    Timing and Production Standards

    You have timed your friend Lefty in assembling widgets. His time averaged 12 minutes for the two cycles you timed. He was working very hard, and you believed that none of the nine other operators doing the same job could beat his time. Are you ready to put forth this as the standard for making an order of 5000 widgets? If not, w

    IKEA Case Study

    IKEA (www.ikea.com) is a nearly $30 billion global furniture powerhouse based in Sweden. With more than 301 stores in 37 countries, the company's success reflects founder Ingvar Kamprad's "social ambition" of selling a wide range of stylish, functional home furnishings at prices so low that the majority of people can afford to b

    Electronic Records Management.

    What information security issues does electronic records management address? 150 words minimum and please list all sources used.

    Work measurement is old hat.

    Comment on the following: a. "Work measurement is old hat. We have automated our office, and now we run every bill through our computer (after our 25 clerks have typed the data into our computer database)." b. "It's best that our workers don't know that they are being time studied. That way, they can't complain about us gett

    Organization Vision & Mission

    What is the difference between a vision and a mission? How do values impact the vision and mission of an organization?

    Using EEOC Information to Determine Training Needs

    Do you use the information you find on the EEOC website as a way to determine needs for training in your organization? I know there are often "hot button" issues that see peaks in claims being filed with the EEOC. Retaliation and workplace bullying are among the current trends.

    Organization's Strengths, Weaknesses and Growth Opportunities

    This simple self-assessment tool focuses attention on some of the important areas of innovation management. Below you will find statements which describe 'the way we do things around here' - the pattern of behavior which describes how the organization handles the question of innovation.The score and average scores are as follows

    Glass Ceiling & Its' Consequences

    What is the "glass ceiling"? What are the possible consequences to an organization that has a "glass ceiling", and how can employee development break it?

    Performance Appraisal and Evaluation

    Consider how you might rate the performance of three instructors from whom you are currently taking a course. (a) Would it be harder to rate the instructors' performance or to rank their performance? Why? (b) Write three items to use in rating the instructors--one each to rate them in terms of an attribute, a behaviour, an

    Casino Management Case

    Nevada Laws and regulations Revised Statutes NRS 171.015 Jurisdiction of offense commenced without, but consummated within, this state; consummation through agent. When the commission of a public offense, commenced without the state, is consummated within its boundaries, the defendant is liable to punishment therefor in this

    first mover or late mover

    Management has called a meeting to discuss which way to go. They want to know if they should follow the "first-mover" theory or "late-mover" theory. You have been assigned the task to develop a neat and organized report for this meeting that will give evidence that describes and discusses either supports or disagrees with these

    Intermodal Logistics for American Cities

    Some of the problems for many of America's cities over the past decade, and even looking forward beyond the current recession, is that the tremendous expansion fostered by the movement of goods along the global supply chain was unequally distributed. Thoughts? 100 words.

    Business Environment Analysis

    I am conducting a business analysis on JP Morgan Chase & Co. This assignment entails researching the company's business environment. Review the company's income, balance sheet, and cash flow to determine the financial health of the company. Be sure to compare your company to at least two other companies in the industry. I do

    Case Analysis on Strategic Management.

    Case Analysis Assignment Read the Harvard Business Case Study for Unit 1: Sind, M., & Yoffie, D.B. (February, 2008) Apple, Inc.(Case Study) Retrieved from the Harvard Business Online website. Prepare a Case Analysis on the topic of Strategic Management and why is it critical to the success of an organization in meeting its g

    Professional Application

    1. Assess your preparedness for a business leadership and management position based on what you have learned in your graduate degree program. 2. Discuss how you intend to use the degree achieved and how you will represent your knowledge to a future employer.


    Please help with the following problem. As we all know, self-service has become more and more the norm. Gasoline stations and buffets, for example, are basically "do it yourself". Some eating places even ask you to clean up after yourself. Is this an example of poor service? Or putting it another way, no service?

    Develop a Medical Records Policy

    I need help in developing a medical record policy. How do you go about gathering the following information? - The contents of a medical record (example, what information goes in a record) - Guidelines for properly making an entry in a medical record (example, how to do so, how to make a correction, etc.)

    Lead Time Analysis

    The Gamma Ray Company produces two products, the Gamma Blaster (GB) and the Gamma Disaster (GD). Each product is made from three components: A, B, and C. The Gamma Blaster is made from the following components: A (2), B (3), and C (4). The Gamma Disaster is made from A (3), B (2), and C (1). All other relevant information is pro

    The BP Oil Spill: Prevention and Considerations

    Select an issue, opportunity, or problem facing your organization. (THE BP OIL SPILL) - What are the research questions? - What are the hypotheses? - What variables are to be considered? - What ethical considerations must you take into account? Discuss the significance, scope, magnitude and feasibility of finding a solu

    Service Reminders' Validity

    One service that has improved considerably over the past few years is service reminders. Automobile dealers, lawn service providers and even doctors, dentists, and optometrists have initiated email reminders. Some say this is great - others say it's a bit of a nuisance. For example, some say they will take their car in