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Silvio Napoli at Schindler India

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Hi, I need to do some analysis on Silvio Napoli of Schindler's India operations. There are a few questions I need to answer and I am unsure of what direction to go in.
1. Was Silvio the right choice for general manager of Schindler's India operations?
2. As Luc Bonnard, how would you evaluate Silvio's first seven months as general manager? What advice would you offer?
3. What advice would you give Silvio regarding his decision on the non-standard glass wall elevator that has been ordered?
4. How should he deal with the challenges he is facing over transfer prices and limited technical cooperation from the European plants?

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This detailed solution discusses Silvio Napoli of Schindler's India operations case study. It answers questions including if Silvio was the right choice for general manager, how to evaluate Silvio's first seven months, advice for Silvio, and how Silvio should deal with challenges.

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1. Silvio Napoli was the best choice for general manager of Schindler's India operations, although it is difficult to determine if there was a "right" choice. Mr. Napoli had a strong educational background, having graduated from the MBA program at Harvard Business School. In addition, he understood the corporate culture of the company, having reported directly to the CEO, and having been privy to Verwaltungrat Ausschuss (VRA) meetings. Furthermore, Mr. Napoli was successful in completing the Swatch Project, determining new ways to design the supply chain, and reducing the standard cycle time in half.
Boston Consulting Group and the VRA reviewed 34 potential partners to head up the operation, only to conclude, "that there was no ideal partner" (Fagan, Yoshino, Bartlett, 2006). Having learned the company was able to proceed in the country on its' own, it was Mr. Napoli that contacted experts in India to better understand the situation, spending over nine months to analyze India's elevator market. Mr. Napoli had more experience than others, and had worked on gaining ...

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