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    Research & Decision Making Assignment (MBA 510)

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    This assignment is usually a Team paper in week 2 of MBA 510 (Managerial Decision Making). Enclosed you will find some great material for working on your own team's Research & Decision Making Assignment.

    Some of the topics covered inside include:

    - Primary Data analysis
    - Validity and reliability of data
    - Additional data analysis and random sampling
    - Decision making strategy
    - And more...

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    Learning Team - Research and Decision Making Assignment

    After completing the "Managing Research Design" simulation, our team is making an attempt to answers on some of the question which needs to address as a team assignment. The questions are:
    a. In trying to determine where to locate its outlets in India, CoffeeTime had to analyze considerable data. Given this data, what does CoffeeTime really know about the various locations in India? What doesn't CoffeeTime know that it might learn from further research?
    b. How do the limitations of the data available to CoffeeTime affect the validity and reliability of the data?
    c. As the Manager for Business Development, what further data would you like to see before deciding where to locate CoffeeTime outlets in India? How should CoffeeTime obtain a random sample?

    Primary Data analysis
    CoffeeTime really only knows what the researchers have told it- things like, income differentials amongst various towns, coffee buying habits (including frequency) and age bracket dispersion (again based by towns). Looking at these items solely, any decisions going forward would probably be based on previous actions in the U.S., where CoffeeTime was presented with similar information.
    CoffeeTime might learn how well its competition (indirect or otherwise) is doing in their respective markets. Research (by CoffeeTime) that tracked or ...

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    Read along as I provide tons of info to help you on your own Research & Decision Making Assignment for MBA 510 (Managerial Decision Making).

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