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Knowledge, Skills and Attitude and Learning

Discuss how knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA's) are relevant to learning. In your answers, explain what knowledge, skills, and attitudes are and what effect they have on the individual.

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Knowledge, skills and attitude (KSAs) are relevant to learning in that one must first gather information about learners prior to training, and then determine the knowledge, skills, and attitude desired of the learners after training. Knowledge is defined in this case as the information needed to perform a task. Skills are the proficiency to perform a task, for instance, to make a deal and close the sale. Attitudes are the "underlying, enduring traits useful for performing tasks" (Ngo, 2012). KSAs might be technical, in which case they are used to measure acquired knowledge and hard technical skills, or they can be behavioral KSAs, which measure soft ...

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This detailed solution discusses how knowledge, skills and attitude are important to learning. It also defines each of the terms and explains the effect they have on individuals. APA references are included.