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Transfer of Learning in Real Life

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This question is regarding the transfer of learning (for my program proposal of and online education program for staff/employees in assisted living).

Identify what knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs will be transferred from the learning environment to real life (all separate categories... not lumped together).

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The first knowledge that will be transferred from the learning environment to real life will be the ability to document all care given. This includes diet, temperature, weight, and respiration using the correct abbreviation and terms. Knowledge required for writing reports, including shift reports, resident care staff meeting reports (minutes), preparing plans for resident care, and process simple medical information.
Other knowledge that will be transferred from the program to the work environment will be the right method for collecting specimens such as urine, feces, or sputum. They will also have the knowledge of the right technique for lifting residents and transporting them to dining room using a ...

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This solution explains transfer of learning from educational environment to real life. The sources used are also included in the solution. Almost 450 words.

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