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pedagogical frameworks

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How is demonstration and skills training used as an instructional method in education and what are the advanatges and disadvantages of this instructional method? Please include references :)
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Pedagogical frameworks and their techniques are examined. The advantages and disadvantages of instructional methods are determined.

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In educational psychology, most pedagogical frameworks which are shown as having a positive impact have always been referred to as paradigms that emphasize learning and skills training through actual demonstrations. This includes, experimentation in science labs with hands-on practice and following procedures set for the experiments, so that the pupil learn not only from the books but practically, by make use of the theory in lab setting.

This practice leads to confirmation of the validity and efficiency of processes which can then be worked into real life settings.

There may not be any disadvantage to the instructional method of 'demonstration', but there are many advantages, for sure.

Through demonstration, skills-training becomes easy for even non-speakers of the language in which knowledge is being shared. By visual ...

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