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    Considerations of TPACK Framework

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    In order to describe an online collaborative lesson and the learning environment associated that captures the essence of TPACK, please assist by describing a learning objective and then how each element of TPACK will be leveraged and intersected:

    - Technological Knowledge

    - Pedagogical Knowledge

    - Content Knowledge

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    Please reflect and expand upon the following to answer your questions.

    An example to consider would be an online professional development (TPACK metacognitive awareness) for teachers concerning the TPACK framework. Teachers may utilize this as a metacognitive tool to improve geospatial technology integration into their classrooms by providing visualization of how their technology knowledge could work ...

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    In the solution, the framework of technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK) is discussed, as well as the different factors that may affect knowledge that are contextual in nature. Contextual knowledge may change and develop according these factors. References are included.