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Using your favorite Internet search engine site, find the results of at least one economic impact study conducted for a sport event or facility. Then write at least a 400 word response, making sure to answer the following questions.
Who conducted the study?
How was the study conducted?
What were the key findings and conclusions of the study?
What alternative conclusions exist?

Your response should be at least 400 words in length. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

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In this paper, we will be discussing the economic impact study on 2010 Arctic Winter Games conducted by Econometric Research Limited by using the Sports application of Sports Impact Model Alberta (SIMA) developed by themselves. Further, we will explain about how it has been conducted and the key findings and conclusions of the study along with my recommendations.

The economic impact study on 2010 Arctic Winter Games was conducted by Econometric Research Limited. The study has been conducted by using the Sports application of Sports Impact Model Alberta (SIMA). This model helps in capturing the economic impact of sports related expenditures at the economic regions and in the province level. Location theory and Input-Output analysis can be integrated with the help of new technology used in this model (Downward, Dawson & Dejonghe, 2009). Statistics Canada publishes the economic and technical databases, which can be used in this model. The input data, used in this study, reflects the incremental ...

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